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These are the best robots of kitchen and pots smart

The appliances multi-purpose, also known as the best cookers make preparing meals easier than ever. We do not mean to Robotina, but pots intelligent and programmable that can handle a variety of tasks, such as sautéing, pressure cooking, simmer and much more, and now many of them can connect to the internet and managed from a smart phone. In addition to being a complete furnace in a portable device, also feature a great technology to make meals more intelligent, safe, and healthy.

If you no longer want to spend hours preparing dinner and you would like to enter the world of the kitchen is automated, but you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Here are several models of the best robots of kitchen so that you can compare and choose the one that suits you most.


instant pot post christmas sales duo60 6 qt 7 in 1 multi use programmable pressure cooker
This is attributed to the start of the current fashion of the pots are multi-purpose. The Instant Pot you can make a little bit of everything: in addition to cooking, pressure cooking and simmering, this cooker has settings for oatmeal, yogurt, rice and other common foods, eliminates many of the guesswork out of the preparation of the dishes that you have not tried before, with many safety features for that make no mistake. This particular model of 6 quarts gets an extra boost of interest with its Wifi connectivity, which allows you to receive updates of your meal and make sure not to have forgotten the pot while you are outside the house or doing other tasks. It is a perfect appliance, whether you are new to this area, or you’re looking to replace your old cooker with an update of high technology.



Ninja Auto-iQ Multi Cooker
Ninja has an excellent line of cookware multi-purpose, but this version Auto-IQ 6-quart is particularly useful. You can slow cook, brown and saute, steam or bake as necessary, and it comes with over 80 built-in recipes for you to receive guided instructions on what to add then while the pot takes care of all the settings for you. The heating of the multiple sides also ensures that the pot of the Ninja will heat up very quickly and handle big projects of baking with ease. The intelligent sensors of temperature will also help to avoid any mishap accidental, or burning the food.



Breville Fast Slow Pro
Breville has gained recognition for its kitchen appliances of high technology and high quality, and this multicooker 6-quart is not an exception. It has a large LCD display with abundant information, in addition to configurations of pressure and slow cooking to handle everything, from desserts to dishes complex. If the Instant Pot you don’t like it much, this is an alternative that will still give you a wide variety of different cooking functions and safety modern and useful.



Mealthy MultiPot
Mealthy (a play on words in English -me healthy – it has to do with being healthy) is a pot affordable 6-quart specifically designed to make cooking dishes much easier. Functionally it is very similar to the Instant Pot, but there are some differences that are striking and functional, for example, comes with a cage that you can cook something the steam while cooking another dish at the same time. Along with the instructions extra simple Mealthy, you also have access to videos and thousands of recipes on its website and its app for phones or tablets. That makes this a great entry model for those who do not have much experience in the kitchen.



instant pot post christmas sales ultra 3 qt 10 in 1 multi use programmable pressure cooker
If you are not interested in staying connected with your home appliances via Wifi, have a look at this popular model of the Instant Pot. It is more affordable than the version intelligent, but with the same benefits of cooking and useful configurations. Also keep in mind the flexible purchasing options for this model: you can choose a smaller version of a 3-quart capacity if you only cook it for one or two people, there is a medium version of 6 quarts, or you can stay with a larger version of 9 rooms if you have a larger family and regularly prepare food for everyone.


DE’LONGHI FH1363 MULTIFRY EXTRA ($230 dollars)

De'Longhi FH1363 MultiFry Extra
The De’longhi brand has an innovative approach to the world of the kitchen. This pot can handle potatoes, fish, meat and other dishes that you can cook, bake or broil, but his real specialty is the fried fish with low oil content. If you’ve always wanted a device to fry, and not have to deal with the problems of cleaning up stains of oil on your stove, this model will let you get away with yours, in addition to all its other functions. Also has a palette internal (and removable) for agitation automatic, like a machine to make bread, and for dishes where you need to mix the ingredients. What you can’t do is pressure cooking.


GOURMIA GCR1700 ($172 dollars or more)

Gourmia GCR1700
It is possible that you don’t like to prepare a lot of fried foods, but maybe you’d like a device that can do a little bit of everything, preferably while you can see what’s going on inside. This model Gourmia meets your needs with options to bake, steam, sauté, fry, simmer and roast. There is No pressure-cooking, but that also means that you can see how cooking your food thanks to the transparent lid. A shaker machine can stir the food when you’re not around, and also has controls pre-programmed.


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