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These are the best refrigerators that you can buy in 2018

There are appliances that are practically indispensable in the home and that we should not skimp on costs at the time of purchase, as the tv, the kitchen and of course a refrigerator. The food in good condition and a cold drink in the summer is necessary for our health and we can only get it with the best coolers.

However, today there are so many on the market that it is hard to pick just one, but don’t worry, after a thorough investigation we have selected the best refrigerators on the market, taking into account their distribution, space and quality of cooling.

Comparative table

Whirlpool Double Drawer WRV986FDEMOur favorite
LG LMXS30796DThe best for storage
Frigidaire Gallery Custom-Flex FGTR1845QFThe best with limited space
Samsung RF23J9011SR 4-Door FlexThe best to customize


Our favorite

estos mejores refrigeradores 1

Why should you buy it? It looks a little different, but the model of the five-door has dozens of storage options.

Who is it for? People who want to keep everything organized.

How much does it cost? $3,059 $

Why did we choose the Whirlpool Double Drawer WRV986FDEM?

Refrigerator Whirlpool Double Drawer not only has 25.8 cubic feet of storage space with several compartments, but in addition of the French doors are conventional, and the bottom freezer, this model has two drawers of the fridge in the middle. One is a drawer of products, while the other has temperature settings special. You can cool specific items such as cheese, meat, beverages, and snacks or thaw frozen items with more security than on the counter.

With 18.2 cubic feet for cool items and 7.6 for frozen, the design is not conventional, it absorbs a bit of space. But inside the main compartment you’ll find a tray triple for fruits and vegetables. It also has compartments smaller for items such as butter or cheese.

The doors have containers of one gallon and the left side holds one of the ice makers. The other deposits of ice in a container in the freezer. It also has LED lights, glass shelves and a water dispenser in the door.



The best for storage

estos mejores refrigeradores 2

Why should you buy it? This model has tons of space for fresh food, as well as features to keep everything organized.

Who is it for? If you find yourself playing Tetris with food in your refrigerator regularly, it is probably time to upgrade to a model with more space to work with.

How much does it cost? $3,100 usd or more

Why we chose the LG LMXS30796D?

If you’re one of the many families that have more than two members, will surely enjoy this model. This fridge has nearly 30 cubic feet of space, ideal for storing leftovers from thanksgiving, Christmas , and much more in the interior.

In addition, it features a glass panel InstaView to the right that allows you to see what you have in the doors, before opening, and two containers of one gallon of that side, as well as a smaller one. In the other door, you’ll be able to see the dispenser of ice and water on the outside and on the inside you will find an ice machine are relatively thin which leaves room for three shelves. In case outside little, you’ll see a drawer that changes of temperature and allows you to select four different levels of cold depending on what you’re storing.

The model also promotes a deep freezer, 8.8 cubic feet, with space to store frozen pizza, meats and more. Despite the large interior, this model is also incredibly efficient. The appliance is Energy Star certified with an annual consumption of 776kWh.



The best with limited space

estos mejores refrigeradores 3

Why should you buy it? Models with top freezer are some of the most economic, and this Frigidaire has some nice features for its price.

Who is it for? Those with limited space looking for a fridge that does the job.

How much does it cost? $999

Why we chose Frigidaire Gallery Custom-Flex FGTR1845QF?

For these limited spaces, this refrigerator from Frigidaire is ideal, as it manages to make the most of their 18.1 cubic feet (14.1 to fresh food, and 4.0 for frozen) of space with an interior design smart.

The storage compartments in doors “Custom-Flex” are a number of containers (a dispenser of cans, a tray of butter, shelves, basic, etc) that are hooked into a rail system. You can slide the containers along these rails, or even to change the units that you consider to be unnecessary. You can also buy other containers on the website of Frigidaire for more customization and features a drawer-specific add-on for snacks, yogurt, string cheese, etc

In addition to the glass shelves, the refrigerator has some high end features, like LED interior lighting, drawers with humidity control and stainless steel stain-proof. Although its price places it at the upper end of the freezers, this is still an excellent option for small kitchens.


Samsung RF23J9011SR

The best refrigerators to customize

Why should you buy it? Thanks to its single compartment, this cooler work as refrigerator and freezer.

Who is it for? Any person who appreciates the ability to easily add more space in the freezer or the refrigerator in an elegant construction and modern stainless steel.

How much does it cost? $ 2,888 dollars or more

Why we chose the Flexibility of 4 Doors RF23J9011SR Samsung?

Thanks to its design, this cooler has an extra compartment that can be fridge or freezer. If you are looking for a refrigerator only, the Samsung Flex 4-door offers a fourth compartment that can be fridge or freezer. For example, if you eat a lot of vegetables and usually the drawers of the fridge do not give supply, this is a good solution for storing your fresh vegetables.

Looks like the drawer adjustable Kenmore, but it is much more versatile as it is larger and a broader temperature range. The only bad thing is that due to the usual freezer on the bottom is “broken” in two, does not fit a pizza box because the compartments are not wide enough.

The characteristic Power-Cool it is very useful if you need to cool a beer quickly before the start of the match.

The shelves can be re-positioned. Has 22.5 cubic feet of capacity y36 inches wide.


*Updated by Maria Teresa Lopes September 11, 2018.

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