These are the best recorders of screen free

Each time more people use engravers screen , whether for presentations, channels YouTube, demonstrations, or tutorials. But paying for an application that you do not seem like a good idea to having alternatives that don’t cost anything. By our experience, we can indicate several options without going through box that will be useful for your work or presentation. We show, below, a list of the best engravers of screen free.


grabadores de pantalla gratuitos obs studio 768x768

As a good open source project with a lot of work behind, OBS Studio is full of features: you can customize the audio and video recording in real time with options to highly detailed to edit and mix, making the software ideal for creating productions very professional. The modular user interface allows you to focus on the tools that you use while introducing video or audio from multiple sources to work, and the study mode lets you see everything before you post videos.

It is an excellent choice for the most demanding projects, but if you have not worked a lot with the video editing software in the past, OBS can be a little overwhelming to learn and it may take some time to master it. It is also possible that you have to investigate a little to find the appropriate plugins for your specific needs, which will take even more time. For simple projects, a simpler tool may be a better option.


grabadores de pantalla gratuitos bandicam free 768x768

The elegant application of Bandicam allows a quick recording of the screen with professional features easy-to-use. This includes the selection of the screen to record, draw in real time during the recording, using the microphone in real time for recording and overlays of web cameras. You can even add your own logo to the video and, if desired, to add a series of sounds with the mouse. There are also many setting options to record from multiple devices, certain modes or certain types of games.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the free version of Bandicam, although it is quite versatile, it adds a watermark on all your recordings. To get rid of the watermark, you will have to pay the full price of $ 40 dollars to buy the app.


grabadores de pantalla gratuitos apowersoft free online screen recorder 768x768

The free solution of This to the screen recording is unique: a web-based application that allows you to start recording instantly what you want. You can optionally download the app, but the web version is particularly useful for those who need fast results for a particular project and don’t want to install another application on your computer.

That makes this software seem simple, and in a sense it is: you choose the type of video you want to record, the area of the screen, and ready. But it also offers options to export in a variety of formats, including GIF, and the capture function is versatile enough to add your webcam, to capture any audio source you want and edit the screencast in real time. You may be so impressed with the performance that you’ll never need another capture application.


grabadores de pantalla gratuitos screenrec 768x768

Do you need to make screen recordings but in your work? ScreenRec is an application specifically designed for companies with needs for generalized screen recording. Quickly records and stores videos in a designated account in the cloud is protected with encryption. The user interface is simple but is well designed for presentations and tutorials. Records management focuses on organizing and sharing vast amounts of videos at once.

Account also with an excellent control panel to see who have seen the videos, including customers and colleagues. The only drawback for companies is that it is possible that you may have to upgrade your subscription to pay for more than the 2 GB of cloud storage for free that you get through the system Screenrec.


grabadores de pantalla gratuitos flashback express 3 768x768

FlashBack Express is an application simple and free that lets you record video and audio, capture images from webcams and add comments through text, images, or effects. This application, also, gains a lot of points for having no limits on recording times or include watermarks. Uploading to YouTube is easy, but its export options are limited to MP4, AVI and WMV with the free version.

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