These are the best laptops for video and editing work

If you’re making a video about your cat, or if you are a professional videographer who produces commercials for large corporations, it is likely that you want to edit your videos as you travel. However, the editing of videos has some very specific requirements and requires a set of tools and features, if you want an acceptable result. But quiet, that here we are always there to help you. If yours is the edition, look below for our list of the best laptops for video that currently you can find.

Our favorite

Dell XPS 15

mejores laptops para video

Why should you buy it? The Dell XPS 15 looks very attractive, it is made incredibly well and can be set up with some of the more powerful components of the market.

Who is it for? For any person who wants a laptop fast with Windows 10 for video editing… and everything else.

What do we think of the Dell XPS 15?

The XPS 15 Dell has been one of our workhorses in the portable favorite for a couple of years. This model is incredibly well made, with a solid aluminium chassis and a comfortable deck pad carbon fiber. It also provides great power, with the seventh generation of the CPU i7-7700HQ quad-core Intel. It is a fast processor and maximum power (45 watts), ideal for video encoding. The XPS 15 is also available with a GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 that should help you considerably with editing in vivo. Dell also offers an option for battery of 97-watt-hour to avoid always depend on a plug.

Dell also offers the model XPS 15 with a screen UHD 4K 15.6-inch high-quality, which uses a panel technology IGZO. That means that not only is it sharp and bright, but also provides a high-performance coupled with an almost total coverage of the Adobe RGB color space, good accuracy and excellent viewing angles. The screen 4K UHD is also a touchscreen, which adds attributes.

Along with this beautiful screen 4K UHD, you can configure the XPS 15 from an entry level model with a CPU i3-7100H basic, to the above mentioned i7-7700HQ, with 32 GB of RAM and up to 1tb of storage PCIe (SSD). You’ll get a machine that also offers tons of high-speed connectivity, including a USB-C support Thunderbolt 3, a keyboard solid and a touch panel with the option of a scanner of a fingerprint, to a secure login through Windows 10 Hello.

The best of Mac

MacBook Pro 15

mejores laptops para video

Why should you buy it? Because you’re hypnotized by the Apple ecosystem, I love the Macbook and you want one of the best laptops for video editing that money can buy.

Who is it for? For any Apple user that needs a powerful workstation for video editing and that can be carried to any part.

What do you think of the Apple MacBook Pro 15?

Although the application line of video editing Premiere Adobe has become almost an industry standard, the Final Cut Pro X of Apple is growing again. This means that the Mac still retains its place in the hearts of many creative professionals, and videographers are no different. Final Cut Pro X is a powerful application for video editing, which is processed faster in Mac the Premiere Pro, so that you can get great performance if you choose the Apple computer correct.

For high-level users, this probably means the last MacBook Pro 15-inch with the Touch Bar. It offers the usual excellence of Apple in design and quality, along with the new Touch screen Bar OLED at the top of the keyboard, which provides direct access to application tasks, such as Final Cut Pro X.

In terms of power, the MacBook Pro 15 has it all well covered. We can set you up with the very fast Intel i7-7820HQ of four cores of seventh generation, with up to 16 GB of fast RAM and up to 2tb of storage, PCIe SSD. You can also opt for a GPU AMD Radeon Pro 560 dedicated to help with the editing and encoding of live. The four-port USB-C support Thunderbolt 3 at high speed (40 gigabytes per second) will ensure you have a connection with loads of fast external storage.

In addition, the MacBook 15 offers an IPS screen of 15.4 inches of high quality, with a crisp print resolution of 2,880 x 1,800. It is not 4K UHD, but there is still a lot of space and resolution to manage your interface of video editing. The color support is excellent, with a 100% coverage of DCI-P3 and 91% of Adobe RGB. In summary, it is the screen of dream of a video editor, while its relatively low weight of 4.02 pounds, and its battery makes it a great portable work station.

The best portable gaming / video editing

Razer Blade

mejores laptops edicion video razer blade advanced edition

Why should you buy it? This laptop computer provides the GPU faster that you can get to accelerate video encoding and editing in vivo.

Who is it for? For anyone who want to the flow of work more quickly as possible without investing in a station portable boring.

What do you think of the Razer Blade?

The Razer Blade is our gaming laptop favorite by a mile and a half of difference from the others. Is superb well manufactured as any laptop on the market, and moreover, it can be set up for games very fast. And there is an interesting relationship between the games and the video editing: your GPU accelerates both tasks.

That is why we are not concerned both that the Razer Blade to reach the maximum performance on the Intel Core i7-9750H ninth generation, that is a fast CPU in spite of the lack of the two additional cores of the Core i9 is equipped with the Dell XPS 15 and the Apple MacBook Pro 15. The Razer Blade can be equipped with the GPU Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q, the fastest that you can buy today. That means that you get the best performance of video encoding, even outpacing the Core i9 MacBook Pro in a test of export of video in Premiere.

And, as if this outside little, the Razer Blade also can be equipped with the same OLED screen that the Dell XPS 15, which gives you the best colors and contrast that you’ll find on a screen of a laptop computer today. What power and beauty? Here you have it.

The best laptop for video editing for less than $1,000 dollars

Dell G3 15 Gaming Laptop

mejores laptops edicion video fortnite dell g3 gaming laptop

Why should you buy it? Provides a lot of power at low cost.

Who is it for? For anyone who needs fast parts to make their video projects, but have little money to spend.

What do we think of the Dell G3 15?

Not everyone has the money for a machine of high power as mentioned above. For them, there is an option that may not be the first to come to our minds: a laptop for gaming cheaply. It’s true: manufacturers often package some of the components surprisingly powerful laptops for gaming and surprisingly low prices, because not all players have kilos of money to spend.

One of our favorites is the gaming laptop Dell G3 15. It is not the laptop most powerful in the world, but still features a CPU Intel Core i7-8750H eighth-generation six-core and one CPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650. Those parties will keep all the video projects (less demanding) running at full speed.

At this time, you can find the laptop with the Core i7, 8 GB RAM, SSD PCIe 128 GB for the operating system and a hard disk drive (HDD) rotating 1 TB for storage, all for $830 dollars. There is nothing wrong.

*Updated October 11, 2019 for Daniel Matus.

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