These are the best laptops for photo editing

Although to make something easy editing you can use any laptop, professionals need an “environment” specific to produce optimum results for your print and digital publishing. That is why, in Digital Trends in Spanish we have created a selection of the best laptops for editing photos on the market.

The best laptop for photo editing

laptops para edicion de fotos dell xps 15 lid2 800x533 c 768x768

Why should you buy it?

The Dell XPS 15 has it all for a laptop is really cool: it is attractive, resistant, its performance is excellent and its battery is durable, all this next to your screen that is ideal for creative work.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking for a high quality display without wanting to sacrifice performance.

What do we think of the Dell XPS 15? The main reason why Dell is at the top of our list is its screen. The configurations of the XPS 15 include the option of Full HD resolution, in addition to a IPS monitor with 4K resolution UHD with touch support and a panel OLED 4K UHD non-touch. Both of the 4K offer nearly 100 percent of the color spaces sRGB and AdobeRGB, a thing very uncommon, while the contrast of the OLED screen is spectacular. We must note that although in general we prefer the XPS 13 laptop, its screen does not have a performance as good on the spectrum AdobeRGB.

In general, Dell offers a few settings powerful, including processors Intel Core i9, ninth-generation of up to six cores and Nvidia graphics cards GeForce GTX 1650. The basic design of the XPS 15 is the same in general, with two memory slots with support for up to 32GB of system memory, a Thunderbolt port 3 with a performance of 40 gigabits per second, a wide quantity of ports and a SD card slot. This will provide you with enough support for both vintage accessories as well as for high-speed connections.

The best Mac for photo editing

Laptops para edición de fotos
Malarie Gokey/Digital Trends

Why should you buy it?

It is powerful, its construction is of high quality, has one of the best screens available and is the standard for professionals creative in all parties.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking for a laptop powerful with color accuracy and that is not married to Windows.

What do we think about the Apple MacBook 15? The Mac remain the device header for the designers, graphic artists, and other creative. The romance between Apple and Adobe still burns after 30 years. Of course, the devices with Windows work just as well, but Apple and Adobe have worked hard to make sure that a MacBook is the first choice for photographers.

However, our photographers loved the options presented by Apple in its most recent renewal. Over all, not impressed with the functionality of the Touch Bar, which is supposed to be outside the function more brilliant in this laptop. Equally, the decision to switch completely to Thunderbolt ports 3 was controversial, and no doubt a bother to the photographers that are still using external hard drives with USB-and SD cards. You can make it work, but you have to be willing to use quite a few adapters.

That said, we chose the MacBook Pro 15 thanks to its fantastic screen, which unites an incredible maximum brightness of 500 nits with a wide support for color spaces, DCI-P3, sRGB, and AdobeRGB. It is one of the best screens you can get with a laptop. And if that weren’t enough, the version of the 15-inch comes with a discrete graphics card AMD Radeon Pro.

The best laptop in low budget for photo editing

laptops para edicion de fotos asus zenbook ux330ua 2017 review 2 768x768

Why should you buy it?

It is a good laptop under budget that provides a display of good quality and a great performance for a fraction of the price of our leaders.

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs to edit photos but have a limited budget.

What do we think of the Asus ZenBook 13 UX333? The ZenBook 13 UX333 is the cheapest of the list, but its performance is up to par. Configurations include an Intel Core i5-eighth generation, and integrated graphics with an IPS monitor of 13.3 inches with Full HD resolution, although without touch input. The screen supports nearly 100 percent of the sRGB color space, although only 74 percent of the Adobe RGB. That is not as good as on the XPS 15 or the MacBook Pro, but it is at the level of laptops that cost hundreds of dollars more.

In accordance with its specifications, the monitor has a maximum brightness of about 265 nits, so it works very well in any environment, outside of the more enlightened. The contrast of 1350:1 is excellent, while color accuracy is of 1.68 (less than 1.0 is perfect) – is not better than the more expensive options, but it is very good for its price. The battery of 50 watts/hour has an excellent durability, and its manufacture is robust and attractive-looking, and conservative.

The best laptop compact for photo editing

laptops para edicion de fotos razer blade stealth review 11 768x768
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

Why should you buy it?

The Razer Blade Stealth is a laptop beautiful and small with enough power to do photo editing, but without needing much space in your backpack.

Who is it for?

Anyone who does not want to be lugging a laptop is super heavy to be able to edit photos outside of home.

What do we think of the Razer Blade Stealth? Razer is more known for making products for gamers. But you have to admit it: the Razer Blade Stealth can work as a great laptop for editing photos. Their IPS monitor of 13.3 inches is within the average with around 72 percent of AdobeRGB, but its contrast is very good and is incredibly bright with over 400 nits. It offers Intel processors eighth-generation version and the 25 watts of the graphics processing unit of entry-level Nvidia GeForce MX150. That will be enough to edit photos complex without problems.

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