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These are the best juice juicers on the market

It is not a secret for anyone, the benefits of adding vegetables and fruits to our daily diet to have a healthy life . However, despite having knowledge of it, many people find it very difficult to eat a carrot or a cucumber with their skin. Fortunately, there are currently hundreds of juicers in the market that you can use to disintegrate those vegetables and fruits that do not attack you, but if you combine them with others, the taste can be more pleasant.

Did the doctor prescribe you eat more spinach, but do you hate salads? Do not worry, with these juice squeezers that we show you below, you can take it without you noticing.


A quick note before starting: you can choose between two types of juicers. Centrifugal juicers use centrifugal force, ie circular movements, to disintegrate the chosen food. On the other hand, chewing juicers use blades to crush the product and capture the liquid. If you're worried about noise, chewing juicers tend to be quieter than centrifugal juicers.

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This is one of the best juicers on the market, which is capable of crushing most of the food bases. It is ideal for those looking for a reliable juicer at an average price.

The Breville juicer is perhaps the best in the company's entire line of juicing machines. The die-cast material makes the device incredibly robust and well-built, and also gives it an elegant look that fits with the other appliances.

In addition, it has two speeds, which makes it an excellent choice for those who like harder fruits and vegetables juice. But, the most interesting thing about this juicer are the titanium-reinforced blades that it has, since they stay sharper for longer than other juicers and cut food more efficiently, thus producing more benefits for the juice.

The configuration of the Breville is simple and infallible, with only four parts that need cleaning after each session of juice.

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This model of Breville does the job without occupying the entire inn of your kitchen.

Do not be fooled by the small and light structure of this juicer. This appliance has a 700-watt motor, which operates at 14,000 rotations per minute, to extract as much juice as possible from the ingredients.

Despite the compact size of the juicer, it has a rather large 3-inch feed tube to help you add large chunks without problems. The minimalist design also makes this juicer ideal for those who seek a simple and hassle-free option, and that also works effectively, without the complicated ornaments offered by multipurpose juicers.

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This Omega model is one of the best high-end crushing juicers on the market.

While most of the juicers that you will find in the department stores are centrifugal, this is a chewing juicer. But what does that mean? Simply that it uses the method of the crushing, to disintegrate the food and to remove the juice of it at low speed (80 RPM, to be exact), without any centrifugation.

With this method, no foam is formed, no heat accumulates and the best thing is that the pulp will be quite dry, which indicates maximum nutrition in each juice you make. You also end up with more juice in general than you could get in a centrifugal juicer.

It is important to keep in mind that chewing juicers or grinders usually have a higher price, but they do the job more efficiently than most centrifugal juicers.

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This model is perfect for those who are looking for a sturdy juicer capable of handling any type of food.

Like its brother mentioned above, this machine is a shredder juicer that produces less pulp without foam and without heat buildup for maximum efficiency and nutrition. But, what makes it special is that it was created with a commercial use in mind, thanks to its powerful single gear commercial engine. It is highly efficient, even when disintegrating hard and complicated foods such as wheatgrass or a carrot.

This juicer is trained to perform well after dozens of juice sessions per day, and is also guaranteed for 15 years. If you plan to use your juicer for commercial purposes, it guarantees that you will recover your investment in a very short time.

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If you are worried that the components of the plastic juicer will damage or accumulate bacteria between uses, this is the ideal juicer for you.

The Super Angel SS Twin Gear Juicer is made of 100% stainless steel and backed by a 10 year manufacturer's warranty. This crushing juicer uses a double gear drive system to get as much juice as possible from all its products.

It also works at lower speeds, which means that no foam will form in your juice. It is explicitly designed for green leafy vegetables, so you can add your kale, spinach or favorite green to your juice without any problems.

This is one of the most expensive juicers on the market, but if you are going to use it every day, then the price is worth it.

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