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These are the best covers for the iPhone 7 Plus that you can buy

Whether we speak of a fruit or a phone, no one likes an apple bruised. But if you drop your iPhone 7 Plus, the damage will be much greater than dropping a simple fruit, and that’s why it makes sense to invest some extra money in your protection. Fortunately, there are a variety of covers: some protect your phone from drops strong, others are based on fashion and style, and some added additional functionality. Here are some of the best covers for the iPhone 7 that you can buy at this time.


Made of leather cow leather european cover Snakehive is one that you will want to hold in the hand all the time because it feels very good. All thanks to a texture that is wonderfully soft on the outside, that has been softened even more for added protection on the inside. The iPhone is held in a plastic case thin and transparent, with ample cutouts for the volume buttons and power, and for the speakers and charging port. To the front there are three slots for cards and a pocket for cash, plus a magnetic closure that keeps the box closed. The sheath can be deployed into a stand for your iPhone 7 Plus. This leather case super stylish is available in various colors, like chestnut brown and navy blue, all at a great price.


Manufactured with the care and attention characteristic of Native Union, Click Crystal follows the trend towards transparent sections to show the color of your phone. The rest of the case is made of protective rubber designed to absorb shock. If you’re looking for a carry case easy to grip with an elegant style that still shows your new phone, this is an excellent option.


Totallee Scarf Case
If in general you’re not a big fan of the sleeves, and you want to keep the slim profile of the iPhone, this cover is super thin can be right for you. With only 0.02 inch thickness barely notice them, and improves the grip and protects against scratches thanks to its polypropylene durable. Has a matte finish and translucent that comes in a variety of colors. We are pleased to see that there is a logo of the manufacturer in this offer minimalist. The fit is good and has all the openings you need. Just keep in mind that it will not provide protection against falls and because it is thin, and can wear out pretty fast, although Totallee offers a warranty of 2 years.


Speck CandyShell Grip case

You will get reliable protection against drops with this cover that has a stylish ribbed finish, which also improves the grip for your iPhone 7 Plus. It is a deck of double-layer, and mixing an housing hard with sections of flexible rubber. The fit is perfect, cutouts are large enough for easy access, and the covered buttons work well. Adds a bit of volume to the size of the phone, but if you want to be sure that your iPhone will survive a drop, then for sure that you will not mind.


The sleeve Lugano Wallet Sena covers all the bases of your iPhone. Protects the body with durable leather and reinforced plastic, along with edges of silicone, more soft for the buttons and speakers. There is also a soft lining to keep your phone free from scratches when inside the case. The edge is raised to keep the screen away from the surface if the phone is placed face down, and the housing provides a good absorption of impacts. There are also three slots for credit cards built in. It is available in cognac, black, and denim for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.


Made from a single piece of leather and embossed with the name and the logo of Pad & Quill, this case is for the iPhone 7 Plus has an adhesive pad to keep it in place of a clip. The pad is made by 3M and leaves no residue if you decide to delete it in the future. The case has four pockets for credit cards, an ID window and space for some cash. The leather feels great, and the stitching add character, while all the case remains relatively slim and lightweight. As it is of real leather is pretty stiff and need a few days in a pocket before they soften and close correctly.


RhinoShield PlayProof

The RhinoShield PlayProof wraps the iPhone 7 Plus very effectively, and shows a substantial spread around the screen in addition to a soft body polymer that will absorb shock if you drop the phone. The fit is excellent, and the subtle brand of RhinoShield side looks great. It is one of the cases more comfortable to hold we’ve tested, thanks to its elegant finish.


This is a protective sheath of two pieces, which introduces a second section with a belt clip to hold your phone. It consists of a front cover with a clip and a housing enclosure that absorbs the impacts, that then slides securely into the belt clip. Once inside, your phone is protected even from a fall of 4 metres. It is not subtle, and adds a considerable size to the phone, but you could use it only when necessary, such as in travel or outdoor adventures. The test processes of the manufacturer vary, but Tech21 is one of the most strict, so you can rely on the protection against falls.


A combination of an elegant sheath, a hard shell of protection and practical, the Polo Book is suitable for all occasions. The hard case has a back panel similar to a leather upper and a soft lining, but keep in mind that it is made of plastic very rigid and once it is on your phone, it is somewhat difficult to get off. The section has two slots for credit cards and an id window, plus it all folds down to convert it into support for the phone. The versatility of using only one section when needed, but still protect your phone with a case lasts, makes the Polo Book stand out.


Grovemade Walnut & Leather Wallet Case

Hand-made in Portland, Oregon from beautiful natural materials, the sleeves Grovemade are unique. Combine a wooden frame of walnut with a cover made of full grain leather, which wraps around the screen. There are covers for the touch buttons and openings for the switch, the port and the camera. Open it and you will find space for a few cards and cash. Because it is made of wood and leather, this case actually is not designed for protection against falls, while deflecting scratches and dings. It also adds a bit of volume, but it looks fantastic.



Moshi Overture Wallet Case

The Overture combines a protective casing solid with a leather exterior faux. The cover provides a good protection against falls, and if you open the lid you’ll find four slots for cards and a pocket for cash, as well as a practice pad microfiber Neato to help keep the screen clean. It has covered buttons for volume and large openings to the chamber, the port and the switch, so that your iPhone 7 Plus can be used easily while wearing this case. Comes with black finish pink, cream or black, the seams neat and a small metal logo of Moshi.



OtterBox Strada Series Folio Case

You can always count on the protection of the covers from OtterBox, but it is rare to find a tough protection against drops in a carrying case type wallet like this. The Strada features a durable polycarbonate plastic housing with a skin of real leather at the top. There is a flap that closes with a latch made of metal, and when you open it, you will find a single slot for a credit card. This sleeve is durable, elegant and practical, and comes in shades of brown, green, or black.


Nodus Shell Case

The leather is an excellent material for the sleeves because it’s comfortable to hold, looks great and is quite durable, but you might not necessarily want to carry a holster that is also a wallet. Therefore, Nodus offers Italian leather tanned in a traditional style with this case. The interior is polycarbonate, but is covered in leather that comes in different colors, such as brown, black, green, blue or grey, with a lining of soft microfibre on the inside. The case has corners, but there are large gaps in the top and bottom and openings for the switch and the camera, and covers for buttons make the volume keys and power. This holster is also compatible with the magnetic assembly system.


*Updated the march 27, 2019 by Daniel Matus.

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