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These are the best cases for the Google Pixel 3a

mejores fundas para el Google Pixel 3a

The competition in the mid-range is more alive than ever with the arrival of the new phone from Google. This device with a excellent camera and a price of $400 dollars you can buy it with a phone operator’s mobile phone and also released through the online store of the search giant. If you already have purchased or you are clear that you will do so, you will also need a sheath to protect it from bumps and other threats. We have compiled for you the best covers for the Google Pixel 3. All are good choices, it all depends on what you need.


mejores fundas para el Google Pixel 3a

A good transparent cover allows you to protect your phone without adding a significant volume, nor does it hide its great design. The cover Spigen Liquid Crystal is one of the best options, if you’ve decided that a transparent cover is the best for you. It is made of plastic TPU that absorbs shocks, and comes with the technology Air Cushion of Spigen in each corner to protect it from drops, scratches and bumps. However, the TPU has its limits, so that this case will not be as protective as it would be another thicker. But if you want a good transparent cover at an affordable price, this is.



mejores fundas para el Google Pixel 3a

The Pixel 3a is equipped with the same hardware and software that the exceptional Pixel 3, which means that it has a camera of which to be proud. If you take a bunch of photos, maybe you should equip your Pixel 3a of a sleeve of the photographic Moment. Offers a good level of protection, with textured panels, which favor the grip. There’s even an attachment point for a wrist strap. But the real magic comes with the series of lenses of Moment, that are bonded directly to the cover and provide everything from a telephoto lens with a zoom up effect anamorphic in the style of a movie. Make No mistake, it is expensive, but if you want to improve your skills in photography, then the cover Time is a good investment.


mejores fundas para el Google Pixel 3a

Incipio offers since long time a great protection against drops with covers elegant and minimalist, and the new Incipio DualPro is not an exception. It is a sheath made of double layer, and the outer shell of polycarbonate hard keeps the phone safe from scratches, while the inner core of TPU keeps you protected from falls and other blows. Incipio claims that it offers protection against drops of military grade and withstands drops of up to three metres in height. However, it is a little on the pricey side at $30, and you can find sleeves more elegant if you’re looking for a more discreet. But if you’re okay with the style and I love the protection against drops, go ahead, buy one.


mejores fundas para el Google Pixel 3a

If you want a cover that will surely add a touch of glamour to your Pixel 3a, then Twinkle of Case-Mate is your choice. This model lives up to its name: blink of an eye-catching way thanks to the sheet of iridescent glow of the back, which changes as you move the cell. But all is not beauty without anything of protection. Case-Mate claims that the cover Twinkle is resilient enough to cushion falls of up to 10 feet, which guarantees a great protection. The buttons made of metal and the flexible side help to complete the design, resulting in a cover that draws attention, at the same time that protects the phone from falls and damages. On the negative side, it is expensive, but can you put a price to style?



mejores fundas para el Google Pixel 3a

It is not often that we find ourselves with a transparent cover that is resistant, protective, elegant and stylish, but the model NovaShield of Olixar seems to have all of these characteristics. It is made of a dual layer design that combines the scratch resistance of polycarbonate with the properties of soft and shock absorption of the plastic, TPU, and comes with air bags in the corners to help reinforce the housing against falls and blows. The back of transparent polycarbonate allows you to boast the design of your Pixel 3a, while the TPU bumper provides you with a safe and protected. It is a good and versatile cover that offers a good look and a good protection at a good price.



mejores fundas para el Google Pixel 3a

If you want total protection, you just have to go to one place: straight to Otterbox. Models Otterbox Defender is the most popular, and with a proven history of protection against drops, scratches and dust, it is easy to know why. It is made with several layers to keep your phone safe, but it also includes a protective cover optionally available with a belt clip that works as a stand for hands-free. Comes with caps for the port to keep your phone free of dirt and debris, and the outer cover is soft and sticky, to have a good grip. We have chosen the color Purple Nebula to match the new purple color of the Pixel 3a, but you can also get it in black and stylish options of Dark Lake. It is expensive, but if you need excellent protection, is a great option.

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