These are the 20 extensions that put more slow Chrome

The extensions in the browsers are presented as the quick fix to access to certain services and platforms without having to leave the web.

In the case of Chrome, a developer called DebugBear analyzed the impact on performance that have the 1,000 most popular extensions for the Google browser.

For this research relied on four key metrics:

  • CPU time of the page: how long is busy the main thread of the page, and what is it doing?
  • Delays in the processing of the page: how Much time takes you to the page to show some content?
  • CPU time in the background: how Much processing does the extension in the background?
  • Consumption of browser memory: how Much memory do they use the different components of the browser?

The extensions use JavaScipt to her execution, which makes it blocks the main thread of the browser. This means that the browser can not respond to user interactions.

The image below shows the 20 extensions slower than the 100 Chrome extensions most used, which include: Evernote, Grammarly, Avira Password Manager, Flash Video Downloader, Dashlane, Office, Avira Browser Safety, LastPass, AVG/Avast SafePrice, Skype, AdGuard AdBlocker, Norton Password Manager, Ghostery, and more.

Instead of targeting specific sites, these extensions add code to each page opened by the user.

Another of the conclusions reached by the developer, have to do with the famous AdBlockers, since on the one hand can reduce the CPU time in the page to the block elements, and can also increase it by deciding what to block.

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