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These are all the novelties that presented the giant Sharp at IFA 2019

8k pc dynabook ifa

The japanese giant Sharp has launched at IFA its new computer Dynabook Tecra F50X and several developments in image and sound, as the video camera 8K is the smallest in the world. This device features an innovative motion sensor, Micro Four Thirds camera 33 megapixels and a 5-inch touch screen. Despite that title, don’t think that the camera is pocket-sized, occupies a lot of space. In addition, to get looks is the strange computer AIO 8K Dynabook with swivel screen, which can also be put into a vertical orientation.


Between screens, laptops, and microwaves, the company also showed at the booth in the innovations in cell phones —yes, it also manufactures phones— including the flagship model, the Aquos R3, with screen of 6.2 inches, resolution Quad HD+ 3120 x 1440 pixels, protected by Gorilla Glass 5. It has a Snapdragon processor 855, 6 GB RAM, 128 Gb of storage (expandable with microSD card of up to 512 GB), a rear camera of 20 MP and another front of 16.3 MP.

This phone integrates a physical button to read the fingerprint in the bottom of the screen, which is seen as a second notch, something unusual in a cell. Aquos R3 will be sold in Europe before the end of the year by €729 euros, although it has not yet announced availability or pricing for other markets.

Sharp has also shown his first model 5G, still a prototype, that will come first to Japan in the coming year. The model Aquos V, 5.9 inches, dual camera of 13 MP and Snapdragon processor 835, will sell for €229 euros.

Tv 8K 120 inch 5G

And just when we thought we have overcome the war of the gigantic tvs that vied at the CES show in Las Vegas for several years, now this battle could be reopened again: Sharp has launched at IFA 2019 a tv 8K 120-inch, which has left us with the mouth open. Only this time, it is not only more inches, it also adds the technology that is more giving that talk this year: 5G, that in Spain shall require retuning DTT prior to July 2020.

tv ifa sharp 5g

Regardless of this retuning, the compatibility of the technology 5G on a tv that brings several advantages, such as the download of high-quality content without the need of fibre connection or the possibility of acting as a router 5G for other household devices. Huawei is also working on a tv 5G —which represents his first foray into the market of tvs— also 8K, and with artificial intelligence.

Although in the case of the flat Sharp, because of its huge size is not intended for the households, but also as a display for public places, such as museums, shopping malls, schools or any other that you need to display very high quality images in an interactive way.

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