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The YouTube channels that help you to improve your English

The online videos can be seen at the time you want, so that they become an excellent resource for those who seek to elevate their skills in a particular language. So, we present to you the YouTube channels that help you to improve your English.

canales de YouTube que te ayudan a mejorar tu inglés
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If your purpose is to have a more advanced level, these recommendations you will be more than just useful: they expose different situations and offer different tips which you are involved in the best way in English.


If you’re looking for motivation to not stop practicing your English, Emma is a coach australian, with a wide experience in the world of language teaching. In their entertaining videos, you will find lessons related to real-life situations to the classroom, as the worst things you can say in a job interview, and how to “relax” your accent. Maybe you lack time, as you’ll want to display more than one of your clips a day.

Rachel’s English

Do you want to work seriously on your pronunciation? This channel, led by Rachel, is defined as your online source on pronunciation in american English. Between classes, are those that show you how to place your tongue to emit certain sounds and the analysis of discussions about common situations. Without a doubt, it will quickly become one of your favorite media related to the learning of the language.

ABA English

It is an academy of English in line with 25 million students in more than 170 countries, which also has an app for iOS and Android. On your YouTube channel, it is possible to find videos related to vocabulary, mainly from expressions when you’re at the airport to useful terms with the topic of video games.

Learn English with TV Series

If you love the series, and use them to improve your English. This channel promises that you will practise and improve your listening with your programs and favorite movies, in addition to already you will not miss the jokes that are made in the language. It also highlights the analysis of songs or interviews of artists of the moment, as Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Billie Eilish.

The English Coach

Stefanie offers a variety of tips to improve your fluency and confidence in English, and recommendations of learning-based on real experiences, mainly. She understands what happens to a person trying to learn a new language –your experience with the Spanish was a long process, so some of his videos discusses the various barriers that must be overcome to really master the language of Shakespeare.

To Fluency

Jack is in charge of star this channel and look for that your subscribers to express themselves in English at an advanced level. To do this, it has videos on all sorts of topics: phrasal verbs that you’ll use time and time again, why learn a new language is not as easy as it seems and the most common mistakes that is committed by those who learn English, for example.

Speak English with Vanessa

Another one of the obligatory stops to improve in the language is this channel. Vanessa covers all sorts of topics, such as the 100 verbs most relevant in English, how to talk about movies and series, the best phrases of courtesy and tips to reduce the accent, in addition to conversations in real-life situations. It is safe to your simple style you’ll love.

Go Natural English

If you have the wrong idea that to understand a language is to translate word by word, then you should follow this channel. Gabby Wallace, in a clear language and user-friendly, offers several tips for how to act in different real situations, from what to answer when someone asks you in English what you’re up to different way of saying “no” in the language without being rude.

Tim Explicame

With a more casual style, Tim gives you various tips on how to have a better performance in the English language, but, interestingly, he tries to explain everything in Spanish, so that you can realize what it is that you experience a born in united States that you want to learn Spanish. The titles of his videos also give you an idea of the style you want to reflect, such as “24 hours speaking English with my american family” and “don’t say ‘daddy’ in English.”

Speak English with Christina

Each week, Christina is ready to offer an entertaining lesson in american English, which has the intention, as most of the channels mentioned here, to improve your fluency, both in business situations and everyday life. She offers classes such as: “Explain to your client that your idea is bad” and “Passes from an intermediate level to advanced”.

Happy English Michael DiGiacomo

If you are looking for an experienced person to improve your English, Michael is one of the best options; it’s about a new yorker who since 1994 has helped people from all over the world in your journey through the language. In your channel, gives from a variety of phrasal verbs to the use of words. By the way, your Happy English Podcast also has no waste.

Accent”s Way English with Hadar

If anyone knows what happens to a student to really learn English, it is Hadar Shemesh, who was born in Israel. She is against the idea of “speaking like a native”, so who better wants to understand fluency as the ability to make the jokes we want and tell stories in the way you feel most convenient. “10 ways to destroy your fluency” and “do you Change your voice when you speak English?” are some of the issues addressed in their videos.

*Updated January 15, 2020 by Luis Miguel Walls.

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