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The war of the ecosystems has begun, and Samsung is the leader

samsung unpacked galaxy home
Brenda Stolyar/Digital Trends

After having witnessed the event Samsung Unpacked 2018, we can say with certainty that the battle of the ecosystems has begun. It is not that did not exist before, but with the introduction of the new speaker smart Galaxy Home, this war takes a new dimension.

Each time it will be more difficult to pick the best device of any brand, that is to say, having an iPhone with a Google Home and a Samsung TV. Now, the brands we put more difficult, because we will have to “marry” with any mark and to use all of your connected devices.

Without doubt, Samsung is leading in this regard, since it is the only company that offers refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, mobile phones, watches and now a horn smart. And of course, we cannot forget your best proposal: tvs.

The glue that binds all of this is called Bixby, the intelligent assistant of the brand. In the event Unpacked, did a demo that failed at the beginning, and in the end not impressed. Subject to see it and try it, I keep thinking that the Wizard Google is the best of all, and despite having said that they’ve improved, only were able to find tickets of concerts, make a reservation at a restaurant and order an Uber. It seems to Me that these tasks until Siri can do.

But the center of our lives and our ecosystems will continue to focus on the phone, because without doubt, it is the apparatus that dominates our lives. And in this sense, the Galaxy Note 9 is very attractive. The phone also redesigned the way we use the S Pen and it also comes with a battery that the company promises will last a very long time, even with heavy duty use.

For if that were not enough all this, they came to an agreement with Fortnite, the game fashion to put in all the Samsung phones and, in particular, emphasized the new screen of the Galaxy Note 9, which is 6.4 inches, the largest ever seen on a Note.

batalla ecosistemas samsung gana fortnite galaxy note 9
Daniel Matus/Digital Trends

We anticipate that the Note 9 will sell like “hot bread”. Samsung will continue its global dominance of sell phones, and Apple surely will have to come out to remove in about a month more.

But with everything we’ve seen today, Samsung is at the forefront in the war of the ecosystems, seems to be very enticing to fill your home with all of their products, and the cherry on the cake was the agreement with Spotify, the leader of the online music services. No doubt, Samsung is the leader and the others will have to innovate, invent and improve some of their offerings.

If this were a football championship, having an overall leader, Samsung. But keep in mind that the championship has only just begun: Apple enters the pitch in September, Google in October, and the others are in the second division.

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