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The tips of the astronauts to survive the loneliness

Anne McClain is an astronaut for NASA, is also lieutenant colonel of the army, test pilot of helicopters, former player rugby USA and participated expeditions Soyuz MS-11 and the International Space Station. And surely his life in quarantine with the coronavirus is not very different to what was happening in the space, where he was to spend a lot of time confined.

And is that possibly this special moment that we are living on Earth to be the better test pilot for what is to come in the future.

That is why, in a thread on Twitter, McClain gave some tips for staying well during the quarantine.

Here are the top five recommendations given by the astronauts of the NASA to the purpose of the experience of Anne McClain.

So identified five skills that individuals must have in this time of isolation:

  • Skill 1, Communication: “Comparta information and feelings freely. Talk about your intentions before you take action. Use the appropriate terminology. Discuss when their actions or other were not as expected. Take the time to inform you after a success or a conflict. Listen, then repeat messages to ensure that they can understand. Admit when you’re wrong”.
  • Skill 2, Leadership / Followers: “Adjust your style to your environment. Assigned tasks and set objectives. Preach with the example. Provide direction, information, feedback, training and encouragement. Make sure your teammates have the resources. He speaks when something is not right. Ask questions. Offer solutions, not just problems”.
  • Skill 3, Self-care: “Andmeasured realistically their own strengths and weaknesses, and his influence on the group. Learn from the mistakes. Identifies personal tendencies and their influence on your success or failure. Be open about your weaknesses and feelings. Take measures to mitigate your own stress or negativity (do not transmit to the group). Be social. Looking for comments. Balance work, rest and personal time. Organize”.
  • Skill 4, Care of equipment: Q”Demuestre patience and respect. Encourage others. Monitor your computer for signs of stress or fatigue. Encourage participation in team activities. To develop positive relationships. Volunteer for the unpleasant tasks. Offer and accept help. Share credit; take the blame”.
  • Ability 5, Life group: “Ccooperate instead of compete. Cultivate actively the culture of the group (use the culture of each individual to build the entire). Respect roles, responsibilities and work load. Assume the responsibility; to freely worship. Then work to ensure a positive attitude of the team. Stay calm in the conflict.”

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