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The T-Mobile network 5G: all the details of the deployment

T-Mobile, the third mobile operator largest in the united States, has been working diligently over 2018 to build a dense network of 5G. And although you may not win the title of being the first operator to offer this service, the T-Mobile network 5G will be deployed in cities across the country in 2019. If you want all the details on the next-generation mobile network of T-Mobile, you’ve come to the right place: here you will find everything you need to know about the deployment of the T-Mobile network 5G.


T-Mobile 5G

While AT&T and Verizon compete to implement their respective networks 5G in mmWave, T-Mobile is taking a completely different approach: the well-known as the ‘un-Carrier’ will initially be used the spectrum from low band to launch its network to 5G.

In comparison with mmWave, low band T-Mobile (600MHz) offers its advantages: the spectrum of the low band covers a much larger area and its signal can penetrate easily through buildings and vehicles; as a counterpart, the spectrum of low band may not offer the same speeds you’ll find on the networks mmWave.

In addition to its network of low band, T-Mobile is also being developed aggressively in the spectrum of 28 GHz and mid band; this combination will provide excellent coverage across the country with packs mmWave more rapid in metropolitan areas and public spaces of high occupancy.


Although T-Mobile will not be the first operator with service 5G, yes it could be the first nationally to offer this network. Thus, at the beginning of 2018, the operator announced that it was deploying its own network 5G in 30 cities, arriving at the beginning of 2019 in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Las Vegas, with plans to reach national coverage by the year 2020 .

Thrive the merger of T-Mobile with Sprint, we are not surprised to see this deployment to be accelerated throughout the country. T-Mobile takes all this time building a great network in the low band, while Sprint will use the middle band, with a lower latency and higher speeds. With the two networks working together, clients will enjoy strong coverage throughout the country, even in rural areas.


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T-Mobile is the only provider that has not yet announced any hardware consumption 5G. However, we expect to see at least a few phones from the carrier that support this network in 2019.

Surely we can promise that you will not see in 2019, or in the near future, it is a point of access of T-Mobile 5G. In this sense, the CEO of the operator, John Legere, has publicly criticized the operators who have announced the launch of future Hotspot 5G (known as ‘pucks’), coming to mock them.


T-Mobile wants to be one of the most significant operators in the country in terms of the network 5G ‘fixed’ (which comes to the homes), and in this sense, the operator delivered to the FCC by the end of 2018, a document with the plans on the deployment of the fixed network 5G. In the press release, T-Mobile predicts that it will be in more than 1.9 million households in 2021 and to 2024, the A-Carrier plans to offer its fixed network 5G for more than half of the zip codes in the united states. UU., becoming the fourth ISP largest home in the country.

While we don’t have a release date exact to the fixed service, 5G of T-Mobile, we hope to have more details in 2019.

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