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The stylish bathrooms of the future to be presented at CES

With only a few days to go until CES 2021 begins, and technology lovers are wondering what the main devices will be presented.

With a more than attractive offer in terms of cell phones, televisions and multipurpose robots, there may be few who wonder what happens to the bathrooms at the fair .

Maybe they should, because the tech event will showcase the attractive and futuristic designs that we will be able to use soon. Some of them conditioned by contingency.

We all learned in the past year the importance of protecting ourselves from viruses and bacteria, something that should also apply when sitting on a toilet.

Has it ever happened to you that, while carrying out the waste elimination process, you think about the amount of particles with which you have contact at that crucial moment?

The image shows a bathroom that will be presented by Kohler at CES 2021. Kohler.

At Kohler they have thought about this, for the same reason they have designed a bathroom that can work without you having to touch it.

The toilet includes a heated seat that opens and closes automatically so you don't have to touch the lid.

The toilet also has a remote control (or remote control), in addition to a “personal bidet”.

For now it has the generic name of Innate Smart Toilet and its price is likely to reach $ 3,100.

Of course it is expensive, but it is still far from Kohler's other more luxurious bet, the Numi 2.0, a smart toilet that reaches $ 7,000 dollars, but that has custom cleaning, RGB lighting and also allows you to listen to music.


A popular version would be the Touchless Toilets, which is more basic, but allows you to activate the chain with just a wave of your hand. It should hit the market in March and could cost between $ 600 and $ 1,000.

Kohler is also applying touchless technology for the faucets. These have special sensors so that they can work without the need to use physical contact.

More details on these innovative Kohler baths can be learned from next week at CES 2021.


It will also be possible to see the most exclusive version of the bathrooms, which for $ 16,000 will allow the user to sit down and enjoy their own fog machine, essences diffuser and RGB lighting, a design inspired by Japanese bathrooms. Frankly, so much luxury seems a bit unnecessary.

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