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The steering wheel in the new Kia Telluride 2020 in the mountain

kia telluride 2020 revision feature

Physically the Telluride is a pickup truck wide, imposing, elongated, and with a few details different to the rest of the vehicles of Kia.

This week I had the opportunity to move to Colorado to get up close and handle for a couple of hours, the new van Kia Telluride 2020.

In the journey, I drove for about five hours continuously to test the stability, duration of the gas, speed and many more functions of the big truck. The final destination was a colorful and snowy town called Telluride Does this sound familiar to You the name? If, as well as what you are thinking, Kia was inspired by this town to call your new vehicle, and for this reason, we felt it was time to try out the truck in this place so bright.

Do you want to know if really worth to buy this new SUV from Kia , or if it is as comfortable as it looks? Then don’t miss out below, with luxuries and details, my experience driving the truck of Kia’s largest market.

A roomy and comfortable interior

The Telluride 2020 not only is the truck bigger than Kia have created so far, but, in addition, is really comfortable. With seats of leather or skin for eight passengers (counting the driver) and enough space both wide and long to stretch your legs and your torso, regardless if you are a tall person.

But not only that. Kia has taken pains in designing a few seats where all the passengers have visibility from the outside to be able to enjoy the landscape and, moreover, they are equipped with heating and ventilation for the first and second row of the vehicle. In my time with the truck, I could check that the heating of the seat is actually very good, since I had to use it in almost all of the trip, and fortunately I got the expected results.

To be in front of the steering wheel of the new van Kia for several hours, I not only felt comfortable, but, in addition, I felt safe and confident.

The Telluride 2020 also has a trunk or trunk wide, without the need to hide the last row of seats. In it you can save from bags conventional, to large sports equipment as your skiing equipment, the table of snowboarding or your computer to surf without any problem. Without a doubt, a quality well important that you must consider if you practice any adventure sport.

In the interior of the truck, you’ll find a finish that is very elegant with accessories-metallic and made of wood in matte tones. Also, have ready some hooks to keep packages and bags off the floor and away from the feet and a steering wheel wrapped in leather and with heating to make the driver experience pleasant.

If you have a large family or you simply like to be behind the wheel of a car, spacious, stable and updated, this new van Kia could be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Design-elongated and elegant

kia telluride 2020 revision completa mas cerca
Maria Teresa Lopes/ Digital Trends

Physically the Telluride is a pickup truck wide, imposing, elongated, and with a few details different to the rest of the vehicles of Kia.

The company said that it is the first of its vehicles completely designed in the U.S., specifically in California, and was inspired by the legendary SUV original exterior design. That is why, distinguished by its large size and lines square.

Account with a hood long and broad, and a grill large enough. Among its finer details, we find some headlights that are a little more stacked together and simulate more power and stability.

I also called the attention to the taillights in the form of inverted “L” shaped stripes with LED’s (standard versions EX and SX) that give it more elegance and a distinctive from the rest. You’ll see the brand name on the front edge of the hood of a shape more elongated than usual, and the back door a distinctive identity for an SUV badge.

The Telluride 2020 is a big van, strong and up-to-date, ideal for large families and adventurers

And, of course, could not miss a protector crankcase rear carved with extreme dual exhaust integrated that make reference to the power and off-road capability of the truck (standard in versions S, EX, and SX)

Prepared for the adventure

To be in front of the steering wheel of the new van Kia for several hours, I not only felt comfortable, but, in addition, I felt safe and confident, as it offers great stability while driving, regardless of if you long, straight, curves, or you’ll face the force of the wind.

This is probably due to an independent suspension in the four wheels, in addition to a body structure resistant, made up 59.4 percent of steel advanced high-strength.

If that weren’t enough, it comes with 8-speed automatic transmission and a V6 Engine GDI Atkinson Cycle LAMBDA II 3.8-liter that generates 291 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 262 foot-pounds of torque at 5,200 rpm. In a nutshell, this means that the Telluride 2020 account with a motor of great power, able to stand up to hundreds of hours of road and in extreme conditions, although we must admit that you are still missing some of the qualities and numbers to be considered in the group of the most powerful in the market.

Four driving modes that make driving experience

kia telluride 2020 revision modo editad
Maria Teresa Lopes/ Digital Trends

The Telluride Kia offers four driving modes useful that can be used depending on the strength you need in the transmission and direction, to provide a driving experience desired. These modes are: Smart, Green, Sporty and Comfort.

In addition to the modalities listed above, drivers can select the other two different settings: Snow, or Locking AWD, for specific driving conditions.

In my experience with the Telluride I was able to test the mode of snow when we got to our snowy destination end and the Lock AWD on a path to a swamp and nothing paved. In both tests, the truck reacted effectively and removing the sludge that is stuck in the body and in the tires, the vehicle was in perfect condition to continue with the road.

During normal driving, the power is distributed according to the mode selected by the driver. The modes “Eco” and “Smart” deliver 100 percent power to the front wheel. The modes “Comfort” and “Snow” deliver 80 percent of power to the front wheels, and 20 percent to the rear wheels. The Sport mode divides the power 65-35 percent between the front and rear wheels. While the mode “Lock” delivers power evenly to all four wheels

The advanced technology makes it special

If there is something that I loved from the Telluride 2020 was the implementation of new technologies that make more pleasant and comfortable journey.

One of the details that I found really useful is that it not only has six USB ports for charging any electronic device that has that port, but, in addition, it offers wireless charging.

While I was traveling and I reveled in the beautiful mountains of the road, I stopped several times to take pictures and record some videos, which inevitably led to the download of my Pixel 3. However, I only had to place the phone completely lying in the compartment below the stereo to my phone to achieve the full charge in a few minutes! a wonder!

In addition, the automotive technology also says this, with the inclusion of “Kia Drive Wise”, advanced systems of assistance for the driver, and a long list of standard equipment and optional features that include: a color touch screen with monitor for rear viewing, and a guide to parking, an audio system Harman/Kardon 10 speakers, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless connectivity Bluetooth multiple that allows the simultaneous connection of two phones, and much more.

With these resources it will be impossible for you to go to park bad your truck!

Guaranteed security

Through A few videos, Kia showed as the new Telluride 2020 contains seven air bags (two front, two seat-mounted side front airbags, side curtain sensing the shift, others to the knees in the driver’s side) that are able to buffer the passengers from being injured in a collision or rolling.


The Telluride 2020 is a big van, strong and up-to-date, ideal for large families and adventurers. It has several accessories of advanced technology that particularly fascinated me, and certain modes that make driving easier. In addition, it offers comfort to all the passengers and a trunk spacious.

Although it is not the truck most powerful on the market, it could easily move under various conditions without any problems. It is not economic, because the price starts at $31,690 usd (basic version), however, for its quality, space and comfort, it is a worthwhile investment.

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