The show 'The Grand Tour' will now be a TV show that you can play in a videogame

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Amazon's popular " The Grand Tour " program will now have its own video game. The innovative production will feature clips from the show that will be mixed with the mechanics of the game, and will also include the popular challenges that characterize the program, as well as hours of participation of the original voice of Clarkson and his team.

Indeed, with the aim of recovering some of the huge amounts of money he paid to hire Clarkson, Hammond and May three years ago, Amazon is preparing to launch the videogame 'The Grand Tour' that will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . As expected, the game will be closely linked to the original Prime program that was broadcast via streaming for the first time in November 2016.

According to the company, in addition to the uninterrupted transitions of the program's clips to the game, you will also find "incredible engines, exotic locations and extravagant challenges", along with the original voice of Clarkson and his two collaborators.

Amazon says that The Grand Tour Game is the first and only TV show that can be played and where you can "see the real scenes you've seen on the screen." In other words, they will use season 3 content in progress, which will allow testing of vehicles and tracks as each episode ends.

"If you drive an eye-catching car, you too. If they go to an incredible place, you can do it too, "says Amazon, adding that the game will offer all the fun of The Grand Tour without the risk of accidents or hospitalizations.

Prepare your best insults!

Created by Amazon Game Studios , The Grand Tour Game offers a single player option, along with a split screen mode where players can compete with each other, and even throw their best insults in person. To encourage the players, Jeremy Clarkson said that "if you've always wanted to be on the road with us, this is the closest thing you can find. Unless you kidnap James and come in his place. "

Craig Sullivan, creative director of Amazon Game Studios, said his team was determined to capture the spirit of the show, which he describes as "cars, jokes with friends, and, most of all, friendly competition."

So, how good is it? Well, if the trailer is a reliable sample, the graphics are more like Pole Position than DiRT 4 . But if the creators managed to inject some of the unique features of the show into the gameplay, the fans should be happy.

A launch date for The Grand Tour Game is still to be announced, although because it is closely related to the program, it will probably arrive towards the end of the year, when season 3 is expected. There is also no information on the price, so We will keep you informed when we receive more details.

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