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The second generation of the Motorola Razr is on the way

When Motorola showed the world its new phone Razr in 2019, the device stressed by having a flexible screen, but received criticism for its high value.

After only 6 months of having appeared in the market, the top executive of Lenovo, Thibault Dousson, has leaked the information that there could be a new Razr for this year.

The second generation of the device could arrive during the second half of 2020, although still nothing is known about the possible specifications that will bring the mobile.

According to collected Android Authority, the words of Dousson were the following “there is a new generation of the Razr to come. I think that possibly appear in September.” This phrase said by the executive occurred while he was visiting a podcast called Reframed Tech.

La segunda generación del Motorola Razr llegará este año
Riley Young / Digital Trends

During February of this year, Lenovo started selling the Moto Razr, with a delay of three months due to distribution problems presented by the company.

However, it is expected that the new version of the device arrives with more improvements over the previous version, where we may see greater resistance in the screen and a more competitive price.

Another factor that caused some discomfort in the users was that when they announced the first version of this cell, called the attention of the Moto Razr had in its interior a processor of more mid-range and not high.

La segunda generación del Motorola Razr llegará este año

It is for this reason that the second generation is expected to a substantial leap in this section, so that with this the device is on par with other phones of the competition, as is the case with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

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