The rumors were true! 'Diablo III' will reach the Nintendo Switch with exclusive content

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In early March, fans of the popular Blizzard game were thrilled to think that a tweet was giving clues about the arrival of Diablo III to the Nintendo Switch. However, the company quickly denied that rumor, and everything seemed to return to normal.

But now, after Eurogamer sources claimed that the video game would reach the Nintendo console, a Forbes article confirms it. In fact, it reveals that the version for the Switch will be released in 2018 and will include exclusive content, in addition to the expansions 'Reaper of Souls' and 'Rise of the Necromancer', similar to other versions of the game currently available in stores.

If you like to have fun with your friends, Diablo III will allow the cooperative game between four players in several ways: in a Switch console, with four different Switch consoles, locally or online, and through Nintendo Switch Online. It will also include special Zelda-themed cosmetics, similar to what Skyrim did when it was launched on the console.

The game will support multiple control schemes, including Joy-Con and Pro Controller. It will also be compatible with the same theme seasons for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

Diablo III still has a following of followers, expanding through the years from a computer format to other platforms and consoles. Blizzard has shown that he knows how to keep a game alive well beyond its initial release.

For several months there have been rumors and speculations, and thousands of fans reacted excitedly reading a publication in the official Twitter account of the company, which seemed to cryptically announce that the game would soon be available for the Nintendo Switch.

The post, which simply says "Sweet dreams", contains a short video that shows the main protagonist of the game, as a light switch (known as a switch ) that turns on and off. Fans speculated in the comments that this was a preview of what they could expect in the Nintendo console.

When the rumors began, a representative of Blizzard told Polygon : "We can assure you that we are not that smart," referring to the possibility of having creatively inserted the track of a supposed launch for the Switch. "It was supposed to be a joke, a fun piece of commitment to the community. We have nothing to announce. "

Fans have always waited for other platforms for the original game and its two sequels, but Blizzard has not spoken extensively about it, and the reason seems obvious. In an interview with IGN , Blizzard co-founder and creator of the game Diablo , David Breviki, said that making older games for modern screens requires a "huge feat of engineering," because large, high resolution monitors and popular among players Nowadays they would not be compatible.

However, that does not mean that a new remastered production of the original versions is impossible, it just is not taking place yet. Anyway, it is very interesting to see that Diablo III , a game launched six years ago, can still inspire so much emotion.

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