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The renovated Samsung TV Frame turns your TV into a work of art

Televisions are getting bigger, occupying a large place in the living room to enjoy everything in a big way, and although that may be the dream of many, it is not something that everyone decides to implement in their home, mainly because of the lack of space or decoration style. That is why Samsung is trying in different ways to change this perspective with the launch of new customizable options and cutting-edge technology.

The company's most recent QLED televisions, such as the Q9FN, include Ambient Mode, which allows the television to perceive the color of the surrounding wall, and thus be able to adapt to the decoration. Frame TV, presented for the first time last year, goes further and seeks to give that stellar touch to your living room.

And now, Samsung introduced a new generation of Frame TV 2018 , with an even greater virtual art collection. The TV is meant to be mounted on the wall, and sits flush instead of leaning outward like some others. When you sit down to watch a program or movie, it works normally, but when you turn it off, the built-in motion sensors turn the television into a work of art. The Frame TV can detect how bright the room is, adjusting the brightness of the image to react to changes in ambient light.

When it comes to functioning as a television, the Frame presents a 4K UHD screen with HDR10 + high dynamic range, and is available in 65 and 55 inch varieties. Many of the same smart capabilities found in Samsung's 2018 QLED line are also found in Frame 2018, such as Effortless Login, which allows you to easily transfer your Wi-Fi settings and the details of your Samsung account from your phone to your TV, making the configuration very simple.

To complement the decor, Samsung Art Store is where you'll find art to display on the TV, from paintings of various styles, to professional photography images provided by The New York Times. If you are looking to match the TV with your room, you can easily navigate to choose the color, which allows you to find something that mixes subtly, or that stands out radically. A subscription to the Samsung Art Store is available for $ 5 per month and allows you to access a variety of works of art available, but can also be purchased independently. New subscribers get a free month.

But good art, like good technology, generally will not be cheap. The 2018 Frame is now available through the Samsung website, with a price of $ 2,800 for the 65-inch model, and $ 2,000 for the 55-inch model. Or if you want something even bigger, and you do not have space at home, maybe you should consider transforming your home into a virtual cinema .

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