The Razer gaming chair of the future will have a roll-up screen

At some point in the future, gamer chairs will be true gaming stations capable of deploying a 60-inch roll-up screen at the push of a button. That's what Razer envisions with the Project Brooklyn concept design, an avant-garde design chair for gamers.

The presentation of the concept design occurred at CES 2021, where Razer already hit the mark with Project Hazel , a futuristic-looking mask for the times of COVID-19. Now, and much more attached to the characteristic Razer products, comes Project Brooklyn.

"Push your gaming to the limit with Project Brooklyn, a gaming chair concept designed to redefine the meaning of immersive gaming," Razer describes on the Project Brooklyn page.

The idea is simple. The back of the chair houses a structure that hides a 60-inch roll-up screen. At the push of a button, a mechanism unfolds it exactly in front of the player's view. The technology still looks futuristic, but it exists and in fact has also been shown at CES 2021. After this technological deployment, the gamer will be able to place their keyboard and mouse, or even a console, on a table that comes out from the armrests. The chair, if that wasn't enough, has haptic feedback on the backrest and seat.

Razer shows Project Brooklyn, a conceptual design for the gaming chair of the future

Since the chair is just a concept, there isn't a hint as to how much this gadget could cost. However, its price should easily exceed $ 100,000, considering that in 2020, also at CES, LG unveiled a $ 60,000 roll-screen TV .

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