The ranking of the games Fire Emblem: from best to worst

The series Fire Emblem went unnoticed to the north american audience until 2001, when the characters Roy and Marth were separated to compete in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Since then, the saga of role-playing games tactical has been a global phenomenon, mixing narrations deep and difficult fights that test the limits of your patience and planning skills. Over the years, Nintendo and developer Intelligent Systems have released games on everything from Game Boy Advance, to mobile phones, and most of them have preserved the elements that make the series great. We classify the games released in North America and this is the ranking of the games of Fire Emblem.

1. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GameCube)

el ranking de los juegos de Fire Emblem

The first game in the series released for home consoles, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, it is still the best, both for the characteristics of combat as by the narrative. Starring a mercenary humble instead of princes and princesses in traditional role-playing games japanese, Path of Radiance, touches on dark themes, such as racism and genocide, and in the course of political conflict. A war between several nations has left the world to the brink of chaos, and the journey of the protagonist, Ike to bring those responsible to justice is epic in all senses.

Path of Radiance also used the combat mechanics and tactics of the series in a smart way. The many classes of warriors with weapons and with magic powers, joined the race of teriomorfos Laguz, and a system of additional experience that allowed characters to least used, follow the pace of the rest of the group. Despite this, it still retained the difficulty of the classic saga. Well deserved first place in the ranking of the games of Fire Emblem.

2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

How do you make a series that has been out there kicking around for decades and become something cool? So as well! Fire Emblem: Three Houses is divided between combat missions and traditional sections that take place in a monastery, where the protagonist works and develop the skills of their students. The changes of pace keep the game incredibly long feel heavy, and it is worth exploring the conversations and stories that are.

Three Houses also gives you much more control over how you develop your party. The characters generally start out as commoners, low-level, which, essentially, can be trained to take on any class role, and even though initially you are limited only to the characters of the house that you’re leading, eventually, you can recruit those from other houses to complete your team. It all adds to the game Fire Emblem custom, until the moment, and one that’s definitely worth playing more than once.

3. Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS)

Ranking de los juegos de Fire Emblem: Awakening

You could say that the title that saved the series from cancellation, Fire Emblem: Awakening, was the perfect entry point for newcomers to the series, positioning themselves in second place of the ranking of the games of Fire Emblem. With a so “casual” that you disabled the feature permanent death and the ability to download and use characters, the difficulty of the game was no longer an impediment. Form a team with allies for more powerful attacks or defensive skills, opened the door to new choices of tactics, although the game did not ignore the delicate balance with the formula of the chance.

Awakening returned some rhetorical classic of the genre, such as the royalty and the protagonists amnesic, but also included elements of time travel and is connected to the previous games of Fire Emblem. Its cast of characters enjoyable and fun given interesting moments, and remains one of the best games on the 3DS.

4. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (Game Boy Advance)

Ranking de los juegos de Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
World of long plays

In 2003, the plot for the formula introduced in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is focused mainly on the possibility to choose the player for that experience to be more individual and customizable. In place of updates default class, had a system of bifurcation, to allow you to fill gaps in your group with teachers defensive or characters that generated great damage. However, what is advantageous in a stage can be a liability in the next, and this balance is present from beginning to end.

This system of choice also extends to the story, as the twin protagonists, Eirika and Ephraim are separated in the middle of the campaign and follow utterly different paths. This mechanic encourages you to repeat the game at least once, and the final brilliant with an old friend makes the whole experience worthwhile.

5. Fire Emblem (Game Boy Advance)

As a prequel to a game that is not introduced in North America, the Fire Emblem 2003 was a strange choice to introduce the series to gamers. In spite of this, highlighted by their own right their memorable three protagonists and their eventual fight against a terrifying dragon, as the delicate balance of the elements of tutorials with the tactics.

Although it is simple in comparison with subsequent games, Fire Emblem is vital to the legacy of the series, with gorgeous illustrations and an awesome soundtrack that will stick in your head for weeks. And it ages well: today you can enjoy it as much as more than 15 years ago, so can’t say about many other games.

6. Fire Emblem Fates (3DS)

Despite the fact that it was released for a console, handheld, Fire Emblem Fates is the game’s most ambitious series to date, and is positioned in the fifth place of the ranking of the games of Fire Emblem. Your protagonist is able to become a powerful dragon, it avoids many clichés of classical role-playing games and includes elements of management during and between battles, which give you more options to improve your group.

Fates is the only one of the series with its approach to Pokémon: the game is divided into three different stories, with three available in a special edition. Depending on the version you play, the protagonist chooses to side with a group in the main conflict, completely changing their choice of members and missions.

7. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Wii)

Apparently, Path of Radiance was a game too big to throw in a single edition, so that Intelligent Systems took the decision to little common to create a direct sequel for Wii. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn again put the players in the feet of Ike and his team mercenary, but also introduced a new protagonist: a citizen that Ike had helped to defeat in the last game.

Wii is considered to be a system for players less common, but Radiant Dawn was the opposite. The analysis of your story about the political conflicts of the post-war period and what that may mean for the innocent citizens of a country defeated, gave the players one of the few stories morally ambiguous throughout the series. It also turned out to be a game extremely difficult, which unfortunately caused many to never reach the end.

8. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (3DS)

The Nintendo Switch had already been launched when Nintendo introduced Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, a remake completely foreign to Fire Emblem: Gaiden for Famicom. Along with the tactical combat standard, the game including dungeons-free with hidden secrets and deadly enemies. The narration was excellent, as are their wonderful animated scenes inspired by retro.

What didn’t work were the standard sections of turn-based combat. The triangle of weapons from the previous games of Fire Emblem scrapped completely, removing much of the decision making, and the balance of difficulty is greatly reduced. Despite these flaws, it occupies the seventh place in the ranking of the games of Fire Emblem. Worth a play, especially as a unique look into the past of the series.

9. Fire Emblem, Shadow Dragon

As another remake –this time of the first game of Fire Emblem– Shadow Dragon was the only game of Fire Emblem that was released for the DS in north America. The touch screen of the system made it ideal for turn-based tactical combat, and with a star recognizable in Marth and the use of the so-called “casual”, was ideal for those who had not played any of these games before.

Unfortunately, the accessibility and simplicity also became one of the games least memorable of the series. Fire Emblem had not fully developed their ideas with the original game and, as a result, the Shadow Dragon feels empty in comparison with the other games. Not bad, but there are far better choices in 2019.

10. Fire Emblem Heroes

The successful free-to-play Fire Emblem Heroes took out the series on the Nintendo systems for the first time and moved to mobile phones, although it also stripped the series of much of its personality. The characters were replaced by versions less complex, simplifying the strategy to the point of foolishness.

The secret of victory in Fire Emblem Heroes is found in the characters collectibles of the game, many of which can be purchased by spending real money. Without a history a satisfying and well-written a all, nothing makes a lot of sense. It is a pity that some of his players probably have not played any of the main entries of the series, because the difference is like night and day.

*Updated by Daniel Matus on August 5, 2019.

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