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The projector LG Smart Laser TV HF80JS offers great quality even in daylight

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Estefania Oliver/Digital Trends, in Spanish

The LG Smart Laser TV HF80JS is the best ally for cinephiles

A projector is not a tv, that much is clear. However, there are projectors that are very close to being so. Offer such a quality that, in truth, allow us to enjoy the most of our best series and movies, as well as make any presentation, whether to look at a work meeting or in front of the students in the classroom.

After testing the projector, LG Smart Laser TV HF80JS we can say that this model in question would fall within that category you mentioned. It offers a very good image and has a good built-in audio, given its size. However, it is clear that quality has a price… But we will talk about that a little later.

We were able to test for several weeks this device of LG and then offer our impressions.

Features or specifications

The projector LG Smart Laser TV HF80JS measures 10.8 cm x 25.2 cm x 14 cm and weighs about two kilos. However, it should be emphasized that, although for the quality it offers is quite portable and handy, it feels heavy in the hands. That is to say, if you’re looking for a projector that’s ultra-light weight that you can get even in your suitcase or backpack and take on the road, this is not the case, not to be the trip what to do in this car and the final weight of the burden is not a problem.

But to your favor will say that this projector comes with many possibilities for your connection. That is to say, in the back, there are several HDMI inputs, as well as the input to its load, some USB ports, and an output for earphones or headphones.

It hears quite well if you don’t have external speakers.

However, taking into account the great advances of technology, this projector comes with Bluetooth connection and wi-fi WiDi/ Miracast. That is to say, that can connect directly to a PC or a tv and duplicate the screen. The built-in sound, which is not bad, this projector is 2×3 watts.

To all this, we must add, moreover, as underlined by LG, 2,000 lumens and a FHD resolution, an ability to project an image size from 40 inches up to 150 inches and a durability of up to 15 years of useful life.


The first thing we did once we had our hands on the LG Smart Laser TV, was, how, not, plug in the power and turn it on. Until there all very easy and simple. After, it is best to connect the device to a Wifi network, that is to say, the of our house or office where is going to be usually the projector.

Once connected, you can use the projector, which shares many features with a Smart TV. In our case, we decided to use and test the system ‘Screen Share’ (using protocols such as WiDi and Miracast), as well as the direct connection from the projector to platforms like Netflix or YouTubue, thanks to the system WebOS 3.0 built into the device.

So, if you want to see are a slide show or a specific video on our large wall in the living room or office, one of the options is to share the screen of our computer. For this reason, in the case of a Windows computer, use the option ‘Project to second screen’ and select ‘Duplicate’. We see before, yes, the projector of LG was connected via Bluetooth to detect that this is going to be the second screen to share the information on the computer.

Estefania Oliver/Digital Trends, in Spanish

This way, everything that we do on our computer or computer, will be directly projected on the wall. The connection of this mode was quick and the truth is that we see that in both videos, such as still images and slides were very good and with a very high quality. This can be very useful to give a talk, a class or a work meeting.

Another of the uses that we test more focused on the entertainment was the direct connection to streaming platforms such as Netflix or YouTube. To do this, we used the remote control that comes with the LG Smart Laser TV HF80JS. After activating the finder, selecting the magnifying glass key, and typing, for example Netflix us appeared directly the icon of the platform and when it’s selected, we initiated a process very similar to the download of an app on our computer, tablet or phone.

The good thing is that you do not need to be completely dark to enjoy a movie or series.

Then, when you add our e-mail user and password, because we got packed into our session and our user with all the information of what’s new, our list, the recent content reproduced…

And not only was it easy, but, in addition, is heard quite well if you don’t have external speakers extra and even with different light levels in the room. The truth is that even by lifting the shutters to the full light of day was still seeing the content quite well, unlike other projectors that need almost a completely dark room to provide a good quality of the projected image.

However, if you want to use this projector as a tv and see, for example, the Digital Terrestrial Television in Spain, it will not be possible because it is not equipped with a tuner DVB-t.

Quality of the picture and audio

If anything has surprised us of the truth of the LG Smart Laser TV HF80JS is the quality that it offers in the image. It is clear that there will be more sophisticated equipment in the market, not we doubt it, but we have also tried others that left much more to be desired.

In this case, and as we have already stressed before, the good thing about this model is that it does not need to be completely dark to enjoy a movie or a series or just a short video. The image can be seen with enough clarity and quality with different lighting situations. It is clear that much more light to enter the room or room, but the display, but it still looks pretty good.

Estefania Oliver/Digital Trends, in Spanish

In addition, in any case, the device allows you to adjust the level of brightness, contrast4e, color temperature, saturation, etc, to suit best the image to each one.

On the other hand, although the device has certain options or connections to more advanced, the focus control is still manual. Is activated by turning the front cylinder, but be careful to fit it well because the movement is too soft, but you will get to obtain an optimal focus.

In fact, unlike other devices, once focused the image to our liking, we see no feathered edges or anything like that, which results in a uniform approach.

Another aspect to note is that, while you don’t have external speakers, with the sound offered by this device, given its size, you can see a film or series and to hear all about it. It is not the best built-in audio in the world, but neither is it so scanty. If you have a sound bar or a sound system more powerful, then use it, but if this is not the case, you can continue to enjoy the projector.

LG Smart Laser TV HF80JS


After trying for weeks the device LG Smart Laser TV HF80JS, we can say that is a good hybrid between a projector and tv or smart display.

However, its price can be a drawback for some users. Your price in Spain is around the €1,500 € and €1,200 euros. And, the truth is, if you already have in your home a Smart TV for a medium size that offers a good quality, perhaps do not consider investing the same in another different device, but with similar benefits.

However, the LG Smart Laser TV HF80JS is portable, you can move from one room to another or even take it on vacation. Weighs a little, but not too much and its size is compact enough to move it without any problem.

Allows you to add a system home-cinema in your home, with a larger screen than usual, to not be that your tv is the largest size in the market. After that, you just need popcorn and a sofa very comfortable. In addition, although we have not been able to verify, its durability of 15 years is another advantage to keep in mind… if it is damaged the tv in some time… always good to have a good substitute as this.

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