The most memorable and best PS2 games of all time

The PlayStation 2 was the first homebrew console with graphics that made people say: “Wow, what real looks”. True, the images of the video games have improved drastically since the launch of the PS2 in 2000, but at that time the second console Sony made us feel in the future. All that additional processing power allowed the developers to create bigger games, and ambitious. Therefore it is no surprise that this is the console of video games most successful of all time, by moving the tremendous amount of 150 million units around the world. Also, thanks to the unprecedented success of the PS2 was created a multitude of new games. There were hundreds of PS2 games legitimately good, so reduce that list to what is absolutely essential is a daunting task. And that is just what you are trying to do here. Divided by genre, here’s our selection of the best PS2 games of all time.

Juegos PS2



juegos ps2 re4 2 768x768

One of the action games largest that has ever existed, Resident Evil 4 created a new style for the popular series of horror. You played as Leon Kennedy, a police which is entrusted with the rescue of a frightening cult of the president’s daughter. Although some old fans didn’t really loved this turn towards more action and less scares, it would be very difficult to think of a better action game in the third person of the age of the PS2.

Jump over hordes of zombies, monsters and impressive bosses was always exciting. When you have limited ammunition, you had to make every shot count. The series of Resident Evil has gone back to its terrifying roots with Resident Evil 7, but D4 will always have a special place in our hearts.


juegos ps2 prince of persia 2 768x768

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time of truth is shone. Although the two previous editions were well received, no one could have imagined that The Sands of Time literally changed the rules of the game. With a great help of the dagger of the Prince, The Sands of Time quickly became one of the best games of action platform after its launch in 2003.

The dagger of the prince you were given the great ability to go back in time. This was useful for the difficult jumps and to fall in battle. Until you could freeze your enemies in their place. In addition, The Sands of Time had a cool story, included innovative sequences with puzzles and the levels had a good design.


juegos ps2 viewtiful joe 768x768

Created by Hideki Kamiya, Viewtiful Joe is still Joe, a straightforward type who suddenly finds in the land of the cinema, in a battle to save the universe.

With the style of a fighting game of side-scrolling, Viewtiful Joe was known for his visual style in which the panels of a comic book turned into scenarios where you could play. Fifteen years later, the impressive art style of Viewtiful Joe still looks amazing. If only the franchise out going again. Imagine a Viewtiful Joe for Nintendo Switch… to us we would love to.


juegos ps2 devil may cry 3 768x768

They say that the third time is a charm. Devil May Cry was very good. Devil May Cry 2 was not so good. Devil May Care 3: Dante’s Awakening was sublime. This game was a prequel to the original which showed the strained relationship between Dante and his Brother Vergil, and noted for his great style of play.

Although you could say that it is a combat game, DMC3 had many more nuances of the game to press buttons-the average – especially because it was very complex; the players had to make a few combos quite creative to stay alive. DMC3 is even today a action game classic that has influenced quite a few titles of its genre since its launch.


juegos ps2 god of war 7 768x768

Of course, the God of War in 2018 it is easily the best installment of this series of Sony, but let us not forget the God of War in 2005, one of the action games most impressive of his era. God of War introduces us to Kratos, and a world steeped in Greek mythology.

With fights against bosses that are colossal and the genialísimas Blades of Chaos, this is the paradise of games of action. Its sequences of platforms and puzzles were not bad.


juegos ps2 metal gear solid 2 768x768

It is difficult to find a game of PS2 most ambitious Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Developed by Konami under the baton of renowned creator Hideo Kojima, Sons of Liberty tried to encompass a wide range of topics, the high and complicated, including some policies of posverdad which, by the way, are present today.

You play as Solid Snake and serpenteas through multiple areas in your search to uncover a vast conspiracy that sprawls across the planet. Although sometimes it can be confusing, Sons of Liberty is generally considered one of the best games of all time.


juegos ps2 grand theft auto vice city 768x768

No franchise sparked more controversy during the era of the PS2 Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar. From the free rein given to the players to kill any that you see to its themes of sexual and more, Grand Theft Auto was the primary target of those who believed that video games negatively affected the teens, but that didn’t stop Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to become one of the games of higher sales for the PS2. And with good reason.

Set in an open world based in the city of Miami, Vice City included missions interesting, very much complementary content and an approach of “anything goes” within its open world. Although Grand Theft Auto III had already succeeded in transforming the franchise into a open game in 3D, Vice City refined the formula, making it one of the best experiences you could have on the PS2.


juegos ps2 socom ii 768x768

Socom II U. S. Navy Seals, a tactical game of action in third person, it is the first thing that comes to our head when thinking of games multiplayers online on the PS2. The platform was not particularly famous for their options online, but Socom III became a basic in-line with its fascinating style of team play.

Socom II also offered a great single player campaign, which included 12 missions big that they were wearing the player around the world. Currently Socom II is a relic of the first action games online, but it is a game important to consider when thinking about the history of the action games on computer.


juegos ps2 pandora tomorrow 768x768

The second adventure of espionage Sam Fisher had many fundamental improvements compared to the original, which by itself was already great. The artificial intelligence of the enemy was more ready and the experience was much more realistic.

The story, set in 2006, sent to Fisher in search of a growing militia in East Timor. Once more, the story was a thriller at higher political risk. In terms of games of stealth action for PS2, no one beat Pandora Tomorrow nor to the other games of Splinter Cell.

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