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The magic of Photoshop will come to your phone via a free app

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Before you post a photo in social networks, users, or several of them, edit the content to give a greater impact. The process seems to be more simple with Photoshop Camera, free application announced by Adobe in the framework of their conference, Adobe Max.

What is interesting is that the app, which will arrive in 2020, joint editing tools of the recognized program for professionals of the image and artificial intelligence directly into the camera of the phones, so that users do not have to jump between one and another application.

Photoshop Camera employs Sensei AI, proprietary technology of Adobe, to recognize objects or subjects in the photo, apply filters and do editing in real time. Even, you can replace the background of a graphical representation, the headache of more than one.

“The technology also understands the technical content of a photo, such as dynamic range, tonality, type of scene and regions of the face, and automatically applies complex adjustments”, says the company.

Also, the mobile app will have access to various digital lens made by well-known artists and influencers (here do not rule out purchases in development), such as those created in conjunction with the singer Billie Eilish, which allow you to add colorful backdrops and filters style pop art.

Secure platform

In an interview for the website Fast Company, the head of the technological area of Adobe, Abhay Parasnis, says that the processes of Photoshop and Camera are carried out offline, that is to say, the firm does not collect information or images that users create with this.

The platform will require, yes, smartphones with iOS 12 or Android 9, suggests the director, in order to support all of its capabilities.

Despite the fact that the mobile application is scheduled to see the light the following year, the users have the possibility of registering on the Adobe site to test it before.

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