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The iPhone 11 will not win new users, will only serve to keep the faithful

los iphone 11 pro y max pruebas

“The iPhone 11 looks very good. I liked their colors. And go wearing time without expressing something as well… since the iPhone 4”.

It was the first message that I received via WhatsApp once the Apple event in Cupertino, courtesy of a loyal user of Samsung and Android, whose identity I will reserve.

It will be difficult to find more people who —not being the users of iPhone— feel the same. The new device is not going to change minds. Not because I have new colors we will think that will win customers: those who are habituated to Android are faithful and hardly going to change.

Better, I focus on the ones who are going to order it this September 13. And I take this opportunity to thank Apple for making it to a time more accessible. As on this occasion will be at 5:00 am (Pacific time), I will be one of those who will ask for a iPhone 11 Pro Max in green.

Although the exterior design I do not like at all, the camera looks totally innovative. Yes, I would prefer lenses in a linear way, instead of the triangle proposed by Apple, because it makes me not very pleasing to the eye. Surely, the company should have a good explanation (scientific maybe). In final accounts, what matters is the brain behind the camera.

We can anticipate from now on that the iPhone 11, the of bright colors, will be the most sold. Its price of $699 dollars makes it very accessible. The options are good enough to justify the $300 extra dollars that it costs the middle brother and the $400 more that ask for the most.

The new watch has not given me reasons to change my Series 4. Simply, there are not enough updates to do so. While the permanent on-screen makes it look interesting, I don’t see much more that motivates me to spend my money. Only if you have a previous version of the Series 3 you could analyze it.

The comments that I will save for the iPad is the I’m going to spend the Apple TV Plus and its amazing price of $4.99 usd, a service whose subscription will be free for those who buy the new products of the company.

The programming sounds and looks pretty interesting, although not necessarily robust to put to shake to Netflix. I think that the creators of The House of Paper will not be challenged still by the of Cupertino, so that they can continue being quiet.

What can we conclude? Apple will not win adherents with these new products, but it will make your customers running to their stores. And I will be one of them.

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not reflect the beliefs of Digital Trends.

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