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The iPad Pro 2020 will be the first in disconnecting the microphone

Responding to repeated concerns of users about its privacy and security, increasingly more devices from different brands, which include ways to neutralize its cameras and microphones. The most recent models of MacBook of Apple, for example, include a feature to disconnect the hardware from your microphones when the lid is closed, thus avoiding that third parties can eavesdrop on people through their computers. Now, according to reports of the specialized portal 9t05Mac, Apple will include a similar function of privacy in the iPad, starting from the newly launched iPad Pro 2020.

iPad Pro teclado

The company from Cupertino has implemented this measure in 2018 in the models of MacBook including the security chip T2. The version that now comes to the iPad, which works on the models of this tablet come with a case, requires a fitting that meets the standards of the program MFi of Apple, which ensures that a product complies and is at the height of the stringent performance requirements imposed by the company.

Apple explains that this new feature in the latest version of its document Security of the platform. In this, he explains: “The iPad models manufactured after 2020 also include the disconnection of the microphone’s hardware. When a case that meets the standards MFi (including those sold by Apple) is mounted on a iPad and is closed, the microphone is disconnected from the hardware, thereby preventing the audio data from the microphone may be available for some software – even in the case of those who have privileges of root or kernel in the iPadOS, if the firmware could be found at some risk”.

Other safety measures mentioned in the document include vaults of data that automatically protect the third-party applications installed in the operating systems iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 and later, to protect them from unauthorized access; a tool for removal of malware that monitors the activity of this and get rid of the infections and more.

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