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The good and the bad of the new iPhone IS 2020 Apple

After years of rumors, finally the iPhone IS 2020 of the company of the apple bite is among us.

The iPhone IS 2020 is a phone that stands out for having the qualities of the phones of Apple, as the iOS operating system and a good camera, and that you can get for only $399 dollars, a value that is not very common to hear in any of the phones of the company.

After using it for several days, I was able to find qualities very interesting in this phone, “economic” and others that perhaps will make you think twice before you buy it.

Below, I show you all the good and the bad of the new iPhone IS 2020 of Apple.


un teléfono de apple rojo

The price: undoubtedly, one of the qualities most attractive of the new phone of Apple is its price which starts at $399. Apple is one of the companies of more phones recognized today for its quality and its high prices. However, on this occasion, offers a telephone with his seal, but at a price much more accessible to those who do not want or can spend $1,000 dollars.

Camera: despite the fact that the rear camera has a single lens, offers many features and effects that you’ll love. With this camera you going to make photos to portrait perfection, in addition to captures images that are vibrant and colorful. Although it would be a lie to say that the camera offers the quality of the current flagship phone of the company, the iPhone 11, is very similar to the camera that offers the iPhone 8 even if it comes with some improvements.

Updated processor: the iPhone IS the processor more new Apple, the A13 Bionic, and RAM of 3GB. With these great qualities, has nothing to envy the flagship phone of Apple that has the same processor and 4GB of RAM, but with a higher price. In the tests, the phone worked quite fast in all the simple applications, and even in those that have 3D images.

Newer operating system: like the phones new from Apple, the iPhone has the latest update of its operating system, the iOS 13, which not only has very good reviews for its speed, but in addition, by the simplicity with which it performs the automatic updates.

The bad

Your design is old-fashioned: if you’re already used to a large phone, probably the new iPhone will look like a phone, very small and so old-fashioned. Although it doesn’t have bezels, its screen is only 4.7 inches, which makes for some people it is difficult to write on a keyboard with reduced in size.

Your battery: the iPhone battery IS 2020 is just 1,821 mAh, compared to the 3,100 mAh of the iPhone 11 , it leaves a lot to be desired. In the tests I did, the battery of the device was able to withstand a whole day while you only use it for everyday activities, without as often. However, when I used to play and listen to music, the phone’s battery barely endured seven hours.

Special features: unlike most of the Apple phones, the iPhone does not have unique qualities that set it apart from the rest. Aside their price is tempting, it is a phone that has a camera, battery, processor, and operating system that we have already seen in the past.

These were the main characteristics of both positive and negative-of the”cheap” of Apple in mobile telephony and that I consider that you should consider if you’re thinking about buying this device. I hope that will be useful.

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