The games in the vs cloud. games console with all its pros and cons

Never before have we had so many choices to enjoy the past video games, so sometimes it can be difficult to decide if it is best to a powerful computer gaming, a console , or to hire a service of streaming. It is not necessarily a technology to replace another, but each has its own advantages. This is the case of the games in the vs cloud. console games, where before you make a decision you must consider how, when and where you plan to play most of the time.

What is the difference between the games in the vs cloud. games console?

Juegos en la nube vs. juegos de consola

The console games have worked the same way with the step of the years, although with some changes in the way we purchase or install them. Regardless of whether you choose a system Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft, you should buy a physical disk or a cartridge to start playing. Often, they have updates on the “first day”, which are sometimes mandatory for certain functions.

Since the arrival of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, all games for consoles traditional you can also buy digitally and download. The most you can play without connection, but with the increase of the experiences in line some are exclusively online. Among these are multiplayer games like Destiny 2 and The Division 2, but also other single-player as the next Ghost Recon, Breakpoint. Due to its portable nature, the only console that keeps almost all of its functions without connection is the Nintendo Switch.

The games in the cloud working in a completely different way. Instead of run them on your computer, this process is performed on remote servers which transmit the information to your device. For this reason, companies like Microsoft have called their service the “Netflix for games”. The titles in the cloud are not linked to the platform from which you access. Such as with Netflix or Hulu, if you start playing on one device and switch to another, the data will be transferred. However, you will need a permanent connection to the internet.

Advantages of the games console

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Despite the many services of streaming available, and with others who are preparing for its arrival, the console games are still thriving in 2019. Particularly in the united States there are several reasons for this occurring, and little is likely to change in the short term.

Regardless of where you live, one of the main reasons for choosing console gaming is that the title belongs to you. Except those that require online connections or that do not contain the entirety of your code on physical media, disks and cartridges you can use them forever.

The console games also have components that allow you to enjoy them offline, so that won’t be a problem if your internet connection suffers a breakdown, since you’ll be able to finish and save your progress. Even with Nintendo Switch you can go from the tv to the laptop mode without being online. In the united States, where the speeds may be irregular and with data caps, this will help you to not exceed your monthly fee.

As we approach the launches of the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox, scheduled for 2020, the console games traditional will also have an advantage in terms of performance. Both systems promise a resolution of up to 8K with high frame rates. Although the cloud service Google Stay promises to support in the future for 8K, not what will be available from the first day. If to this you add the use of SSD to reduce load times, the next consoles should offer a better experience than the current one.

Disadvantages of the console games

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Even if not you will spend your share of the internet all the months, you’ll have other drawbacks. The first is the cost. You will need to spend between $200 and $ 300 dollars to have the opportunity to play, in addition to the value associated with each title that could double or triple that amount. Microsoft offers an alternative that is worth considering with Xbox Game Pass, which gives you access to a vault for a monthly fee.

The console games also require a bit of patience. Regardless of whether you buy digital or physical, you need to install them previously. And if you’re downloading a big title, this may involve some hours. Plus, receive updates regularly and some can be almost as large as the original game. If for some reason you delete a game and then you reinstall, you’ll need to do the same with these updates.

Due to the nature of the hardware, the console games are limited to the system that you have. Every six years approximately, you will need to renew your console if you want to keep playing the latest titles available.

Advantages of the games in the cloud

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The games in the cloud offers an experience far more convenient than the console for several reasons. First, with several important actors, such as Google, Stay, Project xCloud and Shadow, you have the possibility to play on multiple devices without losing your progress. If you’re enjoying a game Google Stay on your tv, and you have to go to work, you can get your phone equipped with Chrome, and continue playing.

In addition to touch input, you can use the controls traditional. Even with Project xCloud, each game will have touch support designed exclusively.

With games you should not worry about the installation or update of the content. When you choose a title on one of these platforms, will be available with the latest version and ready to play in just a few seconds. It is also not relevant if you are replacing your tv or laptop, since the games will be available instantly.

The games in the cloud using the hardware of remote servers, for which the resolution or performance is not related to your device. You’ll get the same basic experience playing on your tv if you do it with a phone or tablet.

As the games evolve, services in the cloud, as the Shadow will update your hardware to improve performance. You will not lose access to a game, unless the service is removed, unlike some consoles, like the PS4, which does not support titles for the PS3.

Disadvantages of the games in the cloud

Despite its convenience and constant evolution, there are many reasons for which it is possible that you will not be interested in one of the games in the cloud.

One of the main drawbacks is the concept of ownership of the game. Despite the fact that Google Stay will allow you to buy individual games, there is no guarantee that this will become permanent in time. Because you’re doing the streaming instead of downloading the games, if you keep Stay, you will lose all the games you’ve bought.

Depending on the service you choose, the games in the cloud may also have certain restrictions. The Nintendo titles, for example, are only available in their systems, while the Google library Stay is overshadowed by those that have traditional decks.

Stay you will also receive exclusive games in the future, but studies of games of Google that are behind its development are still in diapers, so that is unlikely to have a major release in the next few years.

Also dependerás enough of your internet service provider. If you lose your connection, you will not be able to play the games you bought. If you have a slow speed, this will result in a decrease of the image quality.

However, what is important is the effect that the data limits. With Stay, those who have a limit of monthly data of 1TB will be used 100 percent in 65 hours of play 4K. Although there are unlimited plans available for cellular use, in the united States the data limits are very common and the available speeds does not always provide you with the same quality as a home wifi connection.

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