The Force smiles at you: free download Star Wars Battlefront 2

If you feel like you alone can defeat the Empire, head over to the Epic Games Store and download Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition for free .

The title normally costs $ 40, but as a special offer, the Epic Games Store offers it free until January 21.

Star Wars Battlefront II is a multiplayer-oriented third-person shooter video game in which you'll be able to control characters from the Republic, the Rebel Alliance, the Galactic Empire, and the First Order in several of the most iconic movie settings. like the Rebel base on Hoth, the Death Star, the moon of Endor, and even the Empire base on Scarif. The game also features a campaign mode whose plot narratively connects Episodes VI and VII of Star Wars.

Download Star Wars Battlefront 2 for free from the Epic Games Store

One of the most outstanding features of the game is that both the campaign and multiplayer modes include aerial combat in several of the most iconic ships in the series, such as the Millennium Falcon, the X-Wing and the Tie Fighter.

The edition that you can download for free from the Epic Games Store includes dozens of cosmetic elements for the characters, including items inspired by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker .

Star Wars: Battlefront II debuted on November 17, 2017. To date, the game is still popular with thousands of players, so if you choose to download and play it for the first time, you are sure to find multiplayer games with ease.

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