The FBI wants to collect the data of your profile in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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The FBI is looking for ways to collect information and data of the profiles of the users of the major social networks. An application was recently published and released by the Wall Street Journal reveals that the federal agency wants to employ the services of an external contractor to assist them to obtain data from social networks. According to the application, this would have the goal “to identify and monitor proactively the threats to the united States and its interests.”

“With the increasing use of social media platforms on the part of subjects of current investigations of the FBI and persons who pose a threat to the united States, it is essential to obtain a service that would allow the FBI to identify relevant information from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms in a timely manner,” wrote the FBI in its application. “As a result, the FBI needs near real-time access to a wide range of exchanges of social networks to get the most up to date information available, in compliance with its missions of intelligence and law enforcement”.

If the application was filed last month, is even more relevant in light of the recent shootings mass in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, and the need for better use of social networks to detect and stop attackers before they can carry out their plans.

However, the request of the FBI could, in theory, violate a prohibition against the use of data of Facebook for monitoring services that the social network, confronting the new privacy policies Facebook is adopting as part of its settlement of $5 billion dollars (5 billion) with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

In effect, the new data security program that Facebook must be created as a result of the agreement could put the social networking giant caught in an uncomfortable situation between the FTC and the FBI. Although the FTC wants the data of the users to be more private, and that Facebook adopt a better policy of privacy, the FBI seems to be pointing to the opposite, now requesting access to the data from Facebook and other social media platforms to determine potential threats.

That said, the FBI viewed this as a “tool of early warning to mitigate the threats multi-faceted, while ensuring that you meet all the compliance requirements of privacy and civil liberties.” We will keep you informed with the development of this news.

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