The Dell XPS 13 and MacBook Pro 13: What is the best laptop?

There is no doubt that the Dell laptop XPS 13 and MacBook Pro 13 are the portable devices more practical and efficient on the market. The Dell XPS 13 has always been a computer fantastic since the launch in 2015, but all of the designs grow old after a few years. This 2019, Dell introduced an update of its laptop star with the web camera on the top, which makes it now more comparable to the MacBook Pro.

For its part, Apple has updated its MacBook Pro relatively recently, so it is an ideal time to be subjected to a comparison. Which of the two takes the crown at this very moment?


The design of the MacBook Pro has become a kind of icon that has served as a model throughout the years, since its appearance of a silvery color and her body have remained virtually the same, something that seems not to dislike its users.

One of the best things about the Dell XPS 13 is that you never tried to clone anything from the MacBook Pro. Has his own style, which even improved in 2019 with the new options of color “Frost” and an interior more white and bright. Despite move the camera up, the bevels of the XPS 13 are still thin, which makes her look like a laptop small on a table. The MacBook Pro is not evil in this sense, but the XPS has definitely slimmed. What really distinguishes it is the choice of color schemes white and pink gold, or the texture black carbon fiber on the palm rest.

The improvements of Apple in the keyboard and input methods on the MacBook Pro are a combination of tools. We were fans of the old keyboard, but we were not so happy with the buttons of the third generation of the key Butterfly that is found in the new MacBook Pro, which have an action background rigid and abrupt that it can make long sessions of writing to be tedious.

The keyboard and touchpad of the XPS 13 are comfortable, and where the new bar touch the MacBook Pro has the possibility to differentiate it from the pack… or frustrate users. The last component is a multi-touch screen OLED designed to replace the top row of function keys MacBook, which also adapts depending on the software you’re using. The technology seemed promising at first, but it turned out to be completely forgettable, and even inconvenient.

As expected, the new MacBook Pro features four Thunderbolt ports 3 (USB-C) and a single connector for headphones 3.5 mm, or two Thunderbolt ports 3 if you opt for the version without the bar touch. While the compatibility with USB-C continues to grow, many users may feel disappointed by the lack of standard ports. The XPS 13 is similar, and offers two Thunderbolt ports 3; however, it includes a microSD slot and unndongle for USB.

Dell has reached a good middle point with its new XPS 13, and we believe reached a good balance of ports of the high-powered, future-proof and accessibility with accessories older.


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Both laptops come with options for CPUs Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors, but until recently, the MacBook Pro was still behind a generation. Thanks to the update of the mid of 2018, both the XPS 13 as the MacBook (Touch Bar) now have processors eighth-generation, although the configurations of the MacBook Pro low-end is not obtained this update, leaving them behind in a generation. This means that if you want an updated processor in a MacBook, you’ll have to spend (from) to $1,800, and you believe that you will spend a minimum of $1,300 for a processor Core i5, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

For that same price, the XPS 13 comes with a CPU Intel Core i7-8565U much more capable, which provides a superior performance over the model Core i5-based MacBook Pro. Doubling the memory to 16 GB is also a nice touch, as is the 256 GB of storage. Both systems have options for SSD from 128 GB, with the XPS 13 up to 2 TB. You can select a configuration with a Core i5-8265U and 8GB of RAM for only $ 1,200 usd, a savings with respect to the MacBook Pro. With the MacBook Pro 2018, so yes, you’ll have a choice of 2TB of storage.

Don’t expect to play video games, AAA in any of these laptops, but if you want more power in a smaller package, the XPS 13 is where you should look for it. Comes with the new quad-core processors Whiskey Lake from Intel as standard equipment, and options offer a higher performance under the hood.

Screen quality

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The XPS 13 comes with three display options: 1080p non-touch, 1080p, with touch function and 4K with touch capability. Although the model 4K has a contrast ratio of 980: 1 and a brightness of 471 nit, does not reach the color accuracy is almost perfect 1080p that shows 100 percent of the colors in the RGB scale on Adobe. In addition, the model 4K results in a marked drop in the useful life of the battery, which converts it to 1080p in the best option.

The screen of the MacBook Pro is not 4K, but it is sharper than 1080p. It also gets better ratings than any of the screens XPS 13 in the precision and range of colors. The display options of Dell are excellent, but the MacBook Pro wins.


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The MacBook Pro used to be the laptop more thin and light body of the city, but those days are a thing of the past. The new XPS 13 is lighter and thinner, so it is very easy to store in your bag or hold in your hand. In terms of the duration of the battery… that is another story.

The Dell XPS 13 2019 is, in reality, similar to the MacBook Pro 13 new, that comes with a battery 52 watt-hour. It is a step smaller than the previous versions, and the Intel Core 8th-gen more new is more efficient, but we tested the model 4K, so it was a bit difficult to use in the real world. In our tests, we saw approximately seven and a half hours of battery life on our test loop of video, not reaching the 10 hours that we experience on the MacBook Pro. But it was the model 4K, not to forget.

DELL remains on the throne

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You’ll have to spend at least $1,000 dollars for the new XPS 13, and the version of the $1,200 dollars it is well worth the additional cost. The MacBook Pro 13, Apple starts at $1,300 for your model more modest with a processor Core i5, but most people want to opt for the model of $1,500, which has 256 GB of storage. The model of $1,800 is even more attractive, but here already the price begins to soar beyond the competition.

In other words, the MacBook Pro 13 is more expensive than the XPS 13, but more weak when their prices match. The XPS 13 not only surpasses or competes with it so closely in almost all areas, but does so with a sense of confidence in their aesthetic, a thing very uncommon in most of the laptops with Windows.

This does not mean that the MacBook Pro is not a good laptop. Simply, it is not for everyone. Fans of MacOS will be more than happy with it, and will overlook some of the peculiarities of the computer. A lot of people will make their decision depending on the operating system that you prefer, either MacOS or Windows. However, if you feel comfortable with both systems, the XPS 13 is by far the best machine.

*Article updated by Daniel Matus on April 8, 2019.

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