The Boring Company (Elon Musk) unleashes the madness with “the best video game of all time”

If there is something you have mastered to perfection Elon Musk is the marketing and your art to enthuse their followers with crazy ideas and projects. The man who will want to take us to Mars has become a mess after appearing in front of the screens used to smoke weed in a relaxed fashion and on this occasion through one of the companies that he founded, The Boring Company. On the Twitter account of this company has published a video accompanied by the text “the best video game of all time,” and the scene with the driver of a Xbox moving the whole of a tunnel boring machine.

We cannot say that nothing will surprise us because of the unrepeatable Elon Musk and that is your project more crazy, The Boring Company. As you may recall, this company was born in the mind of this great entrepreneur in the middle of a traffic jam in Los Angeles, when it was put to himself that it would be much more effective to travel in the car under the ground. This objective would not be left in the limbo of ideas, but was transformed into a company that has already begun to tunnelling, and that, meanwhile, sweeps up selling anything from hats to… flamethrower.

Is not clear to us whether it is the Elon Musk who runs the machine with the remote but something tells us that yes, that is himself, and indeed, of what is no doubt is that the idea to connect the controller to an Xbox with a tunnel boring machine comes from him also. In the sequence you can see how all the controls on the remote operate movements of this machine gargantuan for the delight of the fans of Musk.

But… What was The Boring Company?

With such a deployment of parallel ideas, it is easy for one to slip up and not remember well what was the original plan of this company and that before we advance a few strokes. This company aims to create a network of tunnels between the cities with more traffic problems and dig the aforementioned tunnels with machines much more powerful, and as well reduce costs by accelerating deadlines. The cars would be transported on platforms within the tunnel at speeds close to 250 km/h.

The advantage of this system is obviously powered by solar energy – is that unlike the metro, it never stops, but each platform leaves the tunnel independently without interfering with the rest. As we have pointed out when stuck in a traffic jam, Elon Musk tweeted “the traffic to me is getting on my nerves”, a phrase that in your mind can give rise to side effects that now we have seen.

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