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The bet of Microsoft to work in a team is called the Surface Hub 2S

The Surface Hub 2S of Microsoft’s only just going on sale in Germany. For this reason, that the company show it and brag about this product at IFA 2019 makes all the sense in the world. However, don’t too too much because that is only available for sale business and not for the common of mortals.

The Surface Hub 2S is the bet of the company, with headquarters in Redmond, Washington, for the team work in the office. Why? Because in addition to being a screen very functional, that can be used with a stylus, is also movable. What is intended with this, Microsoft is that can be used for a group presentation in a fixed location, so as to show a new feature or design to the peers that are in another room.

The novelty that offers compared to the first generation is that. Mobility and a built-in battery. But, in addition, is a device that is thinner, lighter and with greater graphic performance.

Microsoft and Steelcase

The team work is an integral part of the successful development of any project, and do it while participants have the freedom to stand and move freely is one way to effectively increase the results by professional minds, and creative, regardless of whether the computer is in the same location, or with offices deployed globally. It would seem that this is one of the ideas behind the new proposal from Microsoft and Steelcase.

After both companies announced a partnership that promises to help people achieve their creative potential on the job, Microsoft, along with Steelcase, introduced a new way to give the teams an unprecedented level of control over how they work together, presenting a new device: the Surface Hub 2S.

In effect, Microsoft released the Surface Hub 2S, a collaboration appliance all-in-one next-generation, created precisely in order to work in a team, he says Panos Panay in an interview exclusive with Digital Trends in Spanish. For its part, Steelcase presented Roam, a mobile holder and a mounting system on wall, easy to hang, designed for the Surface Hub 2S, which enables teams to collaborate in almost any place.

The active teams are more creative

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What is best for collaborative work is the active work, and studies have established the strong connection between physical movement and an increase in creativity, learning, and resolution of problems. To reinforce this point, Steelcase conducted a few years ago a research-centred active learning in classrooms student, and that study was inspired by the concept of active collaboration for the workplace. For this reason, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S and Steelcase Roam are designed to encourage teams to move, stand, and participate, either physically, mentally, and emotionally in their work of collaboration.

With these products, the companies say they want to meet the growing demand for rapid innovation and solution of problems, helping people get access to adequate spaces and the tools necessary to create new ideas.

“We joined Microsoft two years ago to explore the future of work. Our work together is based on a shared commitment to putting people at the centre of how place and technology intersect, and empower individuals and teams to do a better job,” said Sara Armbruster, vice president of strategy, research and transformation of Steelcase. “The next chapter of our relationship is about giving individuals and teams the freedom to collaborate whenever and wherever they arise the ideas”.

What to do with the Surface Hub 2S?

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is a device all-in-one interactive, with a slim design and elegant, which can convert any space into a collaboration space. It comes in two versions: a of 45 inches and another of 85 inches. Microsoft worked hand-in-hand with Steelcase design Steelcase Roam, a mobile holder and a mounting system on wall, easy to hang, and that allows people to use the Surface Hub 2S to collaborate in sessions, whether planned or spontaneously.

According to the company, the mobile holder can be easily moved with one hand, and their reduced size is fits all kinds of spaces. The system of wall-mounting is defined as “the perfect solution” for private offices or smaller spaces, encouraging standing postures and interactions active.

Steelcase Roam and Surface Hub 2S want to become the center for creative work, whether the computers are physically together or working remotely, and promises to deliver a collaboration experience more relaxed and authentic, encouraging equal participation. The remote members of the team may participate more fully, and see and hear with clarity, making sure that all have a place at the table.

“Today, the collaboration is limited by scheduled meetings in our calendars and spaces programmed in our buildings. With Surface Hub 2S plus Steelcase Roam, you have the freedom to bring your ideas, relocating to any space and gather wherever you want, whenever you want. And, any person, near or far, you can actively participate,” explains Adrienne Brewbaker, product marketing manager Surface Hub Microsoft.

Who is it for?

As previously mentioned, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S and Steelcase Roam are intended for business use not particular. Sale or availability in north America starts in June 2019, with the arrival in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific a little later.

The 45-inch has a cost of $9,000 dollars and can be found through authorized retail stores of Microsoft. For more information, you can visit the official website of these products.

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