The best web browsers have more features and more privacy

Choosing a web browser is not like selecting an operating system. Unlike MacOS, Windows or Chrome OS, switching between these applications useful to scroll through the web is easy, because they are not exclusive options, and you can have any or all at the same time. For you to choose the one that you need, in Digital Trends in English we review in detail the best web browsers on the market.

Google Chrome

The best browser

Google Chrome | Los mejores navegadores web
Google Chrome | The best web browsers

Chrome is omnipresent. With a series of powerful features, full integration of the Google account, an ecosystem of extensions and a set of reliable applications, it is the browser that sets the way for the rest. Even blocks some ads are fraudulent.

With a mobile application available on major platforms, lets you keep your data synchronized, facilitating navigation between multiple devices. If you sign in to your Google account on a device, all your Chrome bookmarks, saved data and preferences will appear immediately. Even the extensions are in sync. The integration of Chrome is second to none.

Google launched Chrome 69 to celebrate the 10th birthday of the browser with a major visual redesign and new features. The user interface is eased, leaving behind the sharp edges and angles rough. The tabs are now easier to identify thanks to favicons more visible, ideal if you keep many windows open. Considered from Chrome 71, you will not be able to return to the previous interface.

The password manager of Chrome now generated and automatically recommend key safe for you when you create a new account on some site. The search bar, also called the Omnibox, it provides results “enriching” compounds useful answers to the questions, the results of a calculator, markers, sporting events and more. In addition, the favorites are more accessible and manageable on the page, New tab. Some of the changes in Chrome 74 include a dark mode, in the configuration of Windows 10, and the lock detection incognito, so that the sites can’t know that these surfing covertly.

What is the end result? Chrome is fast, free, lightweight and even more attractive. With a thriving ecosystem of extensions, it is as full as you want. Everything is right where it should be, the privacy controls and security are established in a simple language. If you’re not sure which browser to use, we recommend Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox

The best alternative to Chrome

Mozilla Firefox | Los mejores navegadores web
Mozilla Firefox | The best web browsers

Firefox is a very close second. Mozilla has taken great steps to make your application something truly modern to navigate, as your update to Firefox Quantum or the alternative based on virtual reality, Firefox Reality. Not long ago, Mozilla rebuilt the user interface from the ground, offering a more clean and modern, and even introduced an experience of browsing without a password.

However, the changes were not only superficial. Firefox Quantum is designed to take advantage of multicore processors in a way that its competitors simply do not. Will not make a big difference in daily use, but Mozilla Corporation is expected to be an advantage in the future. In this way, Firefox Quantum will be in a better position to take advantage of processors that become faster and faster.

Behind these changes, remains the same Firefox that we all love. A browser is powerful, with a broad catalog of extensions and customization of the user interface. The new application Firefox Mobile has support Quantum, so that it is faster. You’ll be able to share bookmarks between devices, although you will need to have an account of Firefox. In these sense, the integration is not as easy as in Chrome.

It also has a small advantage. Because you have more years than Chrome, some web applications more ancient, such as your university or work, they work better in Firefox than in Chrome. For this reason, one can never tell with this browser. And the most recent version, Firefox 68, does a better job to keep you safe from sites that want to track your activities on the web.

Firefox does not offer more than Chrome, but its latest update makes it a very attractive alternative.


The browser is most innovative

Opera | Los mejores navegadores web
Opera | The best web browsers

Opera shares the DNA of Chrome. Both are based on the engine Chromium Google and, as a result, they have a user experience very similar. Both have a URL/search bar hybrid, and the two are relatively light and fast.

The differences appear when you look at the functions. While Chrome is based on an ecosystem of extensions and add-ons, Opera has some built-in features. It also has a predictive capacity of preload of the web site, and a function of instant search, which isolates the output while the current page fades in the background, allowing focus on the task of research.

From Opera 55, you can install a Chrome extension, to run the same add-ons as if you were using the Google browser. If the wide variety of Chrome extensions are important to you, Opera offers an alternative. With version 56, the application was refined, turning into one of the best web browsers.

Opera allows you to save pages to read later, without the need of regard to Pocket or Evernote. In the same way, has a menu of speed dial that puts in one place all the pages visited most often. Chrome does it too, but only in a new tab blank. Finally, Opera has a built-in VPN service unlimited, and it becomes a more secure option.

But the most important changes occurred with Opera 60 and Reborn, a complete renovation which brought a new design without borders, Web support 3 and a Crypto Wallet, to sites based in the blockchain. If you are looking for a browser with lots of features, security and privacy, Opera is an excellent choice.

Microsoft Edge

The browser with more potential

Microsoft Edge | Los mejores navegadores web
Microsoft Edge | The best web browsers

A couple of years ago, Microsoft created the Edge, their proprietary browser for Windows 10. This project was a failure, as it failed to win market share despite the fact that built into Windows 10 by default.

Now, Microsoft is rewriting as an application’s Chromium, taking the lead of Google and making something of their own. The new version is in beta phase, and although it has a similar visual with the old version, inside it is completely different.

By now there is not much to say about the new Edge. You can try one of the beta versions and it will work fine. It is possible to synchronize only some configurations on all platforms, using a limited selection of Chrome extensions and customize the browser in a limited way.

Why we focus on this version if it is so limited? First, because there is no reason to invest in a browser that is being abandoned by its developer. In the second place, have something that his predecessor never did: it is available for all platforms, including MacOS, so that is an alternative for those who have not been linked to a Microsoft operating system.

If you’re looking for something more experimental than Chrome or Firefox, download the beta version of Edge Chromium and check out what it does. It may surprise you. And now that it is undocked Windows 10, is updated with greater regularity.

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