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The best watches smart Android and iOS market

The phenomenon of smartwatches, or watches smart began in earnest during 2015, but is now in full swing. The best watches smart they now have multiple functions and each generation surpasses the previous. In the market there are several attractive options of different companies and brands. In our opinion, these are the best watches smart Android and iOS market. There is a smart watch on this list for all, whether a man, a woman or a child. We have also included a variety of operating systems smartwatch, so that you find the watch that works best with your phone.

Apple Watch Series 4

The best

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Who is it for? Any person with an iPhone who wants a smart watch.

How much does it cost? From $400

Why do we chose? The Apple Watch has spearheaded our lists of watches smart almost all the time, so it should not be a surprise to see that the latest model Series 4 is also higher. This is the best smart watch out there today, a device that has obtained the highest ratings.

It is a different beast to the Series 3, with an increase in the size of the box (now is 40 mm and 44 mm, 38 mm and 42 mm), as well as a viewing area significantly larger on its OLED screen. The software WatchOS 5 it makes excellent use of the additional space, with notices more detailed and new skins. The larger buttons also facilitate their interaction.

The characteristics of monitoring physical have also been improved. The Apple Watch Series 4 comes with GPS, a heart rate sensor and a function of an electrocardiogram. The “wrapper” is water-proof, and the training plans pre-compiled now include yoga and hiking. All of this combines to make the Apple Watch is a tracker of exercises, a complete, easy-to-use and highly accessible, with many alerts motivating for you to continue.

A new S4 processor dual-core drives the clock for a performance super-soft, and has improved the speaker for the cellular version, which makes the conversations in the wrist are easier to hear in noisy environments. You will have to pay extra to your carrier to have 4G LTE for calls and data, but a wide range of applications which make the Apple Watch really can function as a replacement for the iPhone, even if it is only for a time.

If there is a drawback is the battery life, something that is not unique to the Apple Watch. The 18 hours shown are correct, although may be extended a few more hours with limited use. In addition, there is a power saving mode that shuts down everything except the time. It is also a little more expensive than the Series 3.

The advice that we gave to the Series 3 is still here in force: make sure that you really want and need the function of cellular connectivity, because if you don’t, you’ll save $100 when you buy it. We recommend one of the belts Sport Loop and we believe that the model in grey space looks better. There are also a lot of excellent straps of third parties available. There is a model Series 4 in gold, and aluminum, along with a special version of Nike. If for you money is not a problem, you can buy a model Hermes of special stainless steel for $1,250.


Samsung Galaxy Watch

The best smart watch for Android

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Who is it for? For anyone that values an excellent user interface on a smart watch polished

How much does it cost? $330 dollars.

This can be a bit confusing to explain, due to the different operating systems for smartwatches that are now available: the Samsung Galaxy Watch is the best smart watch you can buy if you own an Android phone, regardless of whether it is manufactured by Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei or any other brand. It is not the best smart watch of Wear OS, because it does not run Wear OS. The software uses Tizen from Samsung, and this is already opinion: for us, Tizen is better than the operating system Wear Google, at least, at this time.

Why? Mainly, because of the way in which it interacts with the Samsung Galaxy Watch and other watches smart Samsung recent, including our final selection, the Gear Sport. Tizen is based on a rotating bezel that helps you to scroll through menus quickly and easily, instead of pressing and swiping a small touch screen for every interaction. The bezel rotates with a click satisfactory, and minimize the touches helps to keep the AMOLED screen of 1.3 inches (also available is a Galaxy Watch smaller, with a screen of 1.2 inches) without too many fingerprints. And trust us: it is always an advantage.

The watch itself is the most elegant of Samsung so far, and also is more like a clock. Away from the sporty style adopted for the Gear S3 and the Gear Sport. Samsung has also removed the name of Gear for the Galaxy Watch, and has introduced two sizes of box and a lot of straps and colors. We like the version of 46 mm which only comes in silver, as well as the version of 42 mm that comes in black or gold.

Despite the change of style, there are many characteristics of physical fitness that include a heart rate sensor, automatic recognition of exercises, follow-up, built-in GPS and a range of applications from fitness available through the apps store of Samsung. However, it is not as focused or as easy to use as the Apple Watch Series 4. It has 4 GB of internal storage space for music, it supports playlists in Spotify and you can connect to Bluetooth headsets so that you can train without your phone.

You can use the Galaxy Watch with almost any Android phone with the app Samsung Gear, and also with iOS, although we are missing several functions. (If you have an iPhone, we recommend before the Apple Watch). The price of the Galaxy Watch starts at $330 dollars.


Fossil Sport

The best smart watch operating system Wear OS

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Who is it for? anyone who wants a stylish sports watch that works with iOS or Android.

How much does it cost? $255 dollars.

The Fossil Sport is the latest smart watch from Fossil with the new Snapdragon Wear 3100, which offers a better battery life and better performance. Also running the new version of Wear OS, which represents a huge improvement compared to the previous version. For an affordable price, the Fossil Sport offers built-in GPS, monitoring heart rate and more, all in a clock smart appearance, lightweight and stylish that you will want to use every day.

In terms of size, the Fossil Sport brings two, of 41 mm and 43 mm for those who have larger wrists or smaller. There are also six options of different colors to choose from, some of which come with straps to match. Is the smartwatch lighter that Fossil has created up to now, as the bottom part of the case is made of nylon, while the upper part is made of aluminum, so that it seems like it weighs almost nothing. It is also extremely comfortable to work with and versatile enough to match any outfit, whether for work, the gym or an event more elegant.

Thanks to the new chip set, navigate through the menus and the applications feels much smoother. There is also an AMOLED screen 1.2 inches that emits bright, crisp images, even in sunlight above. Either the watch dial or the content you’re viewing, the colors appear vibrant and bright. With the operating system Wear redesigned, you’ll also have a more pleasant experience when accessing notifications and shortcuts as Google Pay. In regards to the battery, you can expect to be close to 24 hours use before recharging. The Fossil Sport also automatically logged in to the battery saving mode once the service life is reduced to 10 percent. With the way the environment is improved, some dials show colors and a second hand sweep that looks more elegant, even when the battery of your smart watch is low.

As you do exercise, the Fossil Sport takes advantage of the Google Fit can be accessed easily by swiping to the left on the screen. It will provide you with a full overview of your activity with metrics in depth, either during the day or while you run. With its heart rate sensor built-in, you can also review your beats per minute manually, or configure the Fossil Sport to track automatically throughout the day.



For addicted to fitness

Why should you buy it? Because it has an appearance and functionality genuine, with all the right features.

Who is it for? For users of iPhone or Android that want a smartwatch with tons of specific functions of fitness.

How much does it cost? $450 dollars.

Why we chose the Garmin Forerunner 645? If you want to wear a smartwatch without sacrificing the correct functions of control of the physical state, the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is your watch.

First, because it looks like a watch and not a band of fitness and has all the sensors and hardware needed to keep up with an active lifestyle.

The only thing that does not have is a touch screen. It is more of a smart watch hybrid, and is controlled by the five buttons of the housing. In the back there is a heart rate sensor, and inside, there is a GPS in order to track without the need to carry the phone.

Even with the GPS active, the battery still will last for five days. Runners will love this watch because the sensors can measure the length of the stride, the balance, and even the time of contact with the ground.

Without forgetting the other features that include a compass, thermometer, storage of music on board, water resistance, and the wide platform tracking software of Garmin.

It is quite expensive, but it is difficult to find a feature that addicted to the sport and fitness want and not have. In addition, even when you’re not working or running, the aspect of the Forerunner 645 combines perfectly with most styles.


*Updated on 13th December 2018 by Daniel Matus.

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