The best virtual reality game in the market

If you play with quality 4K, high frame rate and HDR is not enough to make you feel immersed in your games, it might be time to take off your eyes from your tv and get a viewer for virtual reality. Whether you play with a PlayStation 4 or a PC, with PlayStation’s VR or Oculus Rift, there are many games of virtual reality of various genres; here we choose the better platform.

Here are the best games that you can play it in virtual reality.

PlayStation VR


Juegos de realidad virtual

Although the PlayStation VR system is one of the devices of virtual reality more popular that have been released, before Blood & Truth did not have an incredible program. This game is basically a movie of Guy Ritchie in which you participate. Car chases, lots of fighting with bullets, components stealthy and episodes exciting make this one of the games of virtual reality’s most impressive, thing that is not a surprise taking into account that he comes from the same study that The Getaway. Blood & Truth is the reason why you should get a PlayStation VR.


juegos de realidad virtual gran turismo sport 3 768x768

Gran Turismo Sport is one of the racing games more realistic in the market. Its authenticity is impressive, talking about both the vehicles as well as the locations, and it has an impressive amount of modes and functions that will keep busy to any fan of the cars. The action is that it burns when you walk (virtually) to a car in the way of RV, which offers all the excitement of the races in first person but nothing of the danger – and if you hit the bumper, you don’t have to pay for the repairs!


juegos de realidad virtual firewall zero hour 768x768

Firewall: Zero Hour, which is very different from the games frantic and exaggerated that we normally see in the devices of virtual reality, it is a tactical action game multiplayer that uses the same mechanics of Rainbow Six Siege to offer one of the first games of PlayStation VR really competitive. With the control PlayStation VR Aim, you choose one of 12 characters, and advance carefully with your team, while you are finishing with your enemies and you hidden behind things. There is a co-op mode and a single for which you get used to the play style with your weapon, or for you to work in a team.


juegos de realidad virtual best horror games resident evil 7 768x768

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard changed the traditional third-person action series by a first-person perspective, making progress along a corridor unknown to, or turn a corner, dark is even more frightening. Obviously, experience this virtual reality makes you feel like you are truly hunting for a family mutant of Louisiana. The whole game works on a virtual reality, and during the Halloween season there is no better way to enjoy a good scare, turn off all the lights, put on your headphones and enter the house.


juegos de realidad virtual until dawn rush of blood 03 2 768x768

Do you need more shots in your games of virtual reality horror? Look No further. This game is set in a roller-coaster with multiple possible paths, and you you have to defend yourself from terrifying monsters with a variety of weapons. Since the game was free for PlayStation Plus, and your bookmarks are global, you will have many brands that try to overcome.


juegos de realidad virtual dtsuperbowlrigs 768x768

When a studio can’t decide whether to make an action game in first person or a game of sports, you think of something like Rigs: Mechanized Combat League. This hybrid of the studio Guerilla Cambridge was one of the best titles for the viewer, RV, offering an exciting blend of team-work, fast-paced action and verticality. Rigs it feels like the game more crazy paintball you’ve ever experienced, only with costumes machined instead of guys with masks of plastic, and features several multiplayer modes in addition to a single mode.

Oculus Rift


juegos de realidad virtual i expect you to die schell game developers studio 235132 8091 768x768

With the Oculus Rift you can play without any problem games originally developed for consoles or traditional PC, but Schell Games was not interested in that market. Therefore, the study developed I Expect You to Die, a game that can only exist in virtual reality. In it, you are a secret agent telequinético whose job it is to infiltrate and escape a variety of dangerous scenarios using objects that you find in your environment. The safety pin of a fire extinguisher may serve to turn off a grenade, for example, while a tube that drips can cool very well a engine.


juegos de realidad virtual dirt rally vr 768x768

With Gran Turismo Sport in PlayStation VR you can see what it’s like to drive in virtual reality, but if what you want is to experience a racing game from your viewer, your best option is Dirt Rally. This game takes all modes of the game and makes them compatible with the Rift. The game includes single-mode and multiplayer, and a variety of locations outdoors to enjoy the scenery while you run and you try not to crash.


juegos de realidad virtual luckys tale 1 2 768x768

Currently, the games classic 3D platform are rare, and it is still more rare to see them in virtual reality. Lucky’s Tale meets both of these things, with many collectible items, and challenging jumps, in addition to the control of additional camera that gives you the Oculus Rift. Lucky is an adorable pet that makes us conjure heroes like Banjo-Kazooie. Lucky’s Tale is free if you already have the viewer, and if you decide that you love the game, there is a version that is not virtual reality, Super Lucky’s Tale, available for Xbox One and PC.


juegos de realidad virtual edge of nowhere 1 2 768x768

If you’re looking for something a little more dark, third-person perspective, Insomniac Games has for you the Edge of Nowhere. This horror game that mixes terrors of nature (as an inevitable death after falling from a crag of ice) with fears over fantasy is another example of the masterful narrative style of Insomniac. Edge of Nowhere is decidedly less cartoony than the other games we’ve seen from the company, even though it combines the style of game with the narrative in a way that’s just as attractive.


juegos de realidad virtual rock band vr featured 768x768

Do you play the guitar, but I would like to have a few more fans – or even one? With Rock Band VR you can live the fantasy of being a rock star with an audience that adores you, and sings your songs. With a control Oculus Touch or Rock Band 4 you can use it as a game of classic rock, or you can improvise and experiment in your virtual stage. And unlike real life, the club in which you present it does not smell like sweat, stale.

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