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The best vacuum cleaners lightweight powerful and easy-to-handle

The vacuum cleaners extra-large are useful for outdoor tasks or for industrial level, but a modern house requires a lightweight and compact, but which is also sufficiently versatile and powerful to clean up all the spaces. The best vacuum cleaners lightweight to meet these requirements, a combination of many different characteristics on a single computer easy to carry, use and store.

Dyson V8 Animal

Una mano manipulando la Dyson V8 Animal, una de las mejores aspiradoras livianas.
Dyson V8 Animal | Best vacuum cleaners lightweight

Dyson specialises in vacuum cleaners powerful: the V8 Animal combines that strength with a wireless design and versatile, perfect for the cleaning of interior spaces without the need of strain on your back. The battery of the V8 Animal is designed to provide an incredible amount of energy in short periods of time. It takes four hours to charge, but it provides up to 40 minutes in duration or up to 8 minutes at the highest setting when you need to clean stains in particular.

You can use this vacuum as a broom or a laptop, depending on what you’re cleaning, although in the first mode will consume the battery more quickly, due to roller motor, that comes with nylon bristles tough. Like other models of Dyson, uses a sealed design to trap allergens and other unwanted particles.

Two things the end to consider about this model extra powerful. With a capacity of 0.14 gallons (500 grams), your container is a bit small, so you’ll have to empty it regularly. However, this also makes it easier to your portable mode. In addition, we are talking about a Dyson, so that is no guarantee of quality. If you are looking for a similar model with less power and more economical, the Dyson Motorhead would be a better alternative.

Hoover Air wireless

mejores aspiradoras livianas.
Hoover Air wireless | Best vacuum cleaners lightweight

This model pays a tribute to the vacuum cleaners Hoover past traditional, but with a modern design more slim and manageable, with excellent direction and some practical accessories. It is an excellent option if you have little space in the closet and its wireless design is very useful and suitable for a modern home.

The duration of the battery is approximately 25 minutes on a full charge, but the powerful motor the Hoover is suitable for carpets and deep cleaning. There is also a brush/nozzle, 2-in-1 perfect for cleaning curtains, for example. This is one of the vacuums with the largest dimensions of the list and is not the most suitable model to climb up and down stairs, but his more traditional style can be ideal for some households.

Shark Apex UpLight

Una mujer recoge el polvo de su cocina con la Shark Apex UpLight, una de las mejores aspiradoras livianas.
Shark Apex UpLight | Best vacuum cleaners lightweight

At first glance, the vacuum cleaner Shark Apex Uplight may seem like a wired version of the model of Dyson, but it has other features that we really like. The system of roller of double brush is especially powerful and ideal for fighting the pet hair. In addition, a dual configuration will help to remove it before it is bogged down too. Features a semi-portable with a hose connection (one hand holds the container and the other to the nozzle) for furniture and stairs, and another laptop for cleanings fast. The larger size of its reservoir will also allow you to clean for longer without emptying it.

Featherweight of Bissell

Una mujer manipula la Featherweight de Bissell, una de las mejores aspiradoras livanas, en una sala de estar.
Featherweight of Bissell | Best vacuum cleaners lightweight

Probably many of the alternatives on this list exceed your budget. However, this option of Bissell is ideal for those who have limited money to spend on a new vacuum cleaner. The Featherweight of Bissell does not have the power of other alternatives, but it can be folded into three different positions to clean floors or furniture with ease. It is particularly lightweight, which makes it easier for any person to be able to take care of the household chores. It is a good solution for small households or for automobiles.

Orfeld Stick Vac 2-in-1

Vista de todos los accesorios de la Orfeld Stick Vac 2-en-1, una de las mejores aspiradoras livianas
Orfeld Stick Vac 2-in-1 | Best vacuum cleaners lightweight

The model Orfeld has some features of high-end at a price relatively inexpensive. It includes two modes of suction, handheld vacuum removable, and a motor with sufficient power to deal with litter, food on the floor and other common problems in a home. Like other alternative wireless, you have to invest several hours to upload and get an autonomy of 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the mode you use. The battery is removable, which gives you other options for resupply. However, the container is one of the smallest, so you’ll have to empty it frequently.

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