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The best screen protectors for iPhone XR

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The iPhone, the XR is the cheaper of the latest range of phones introduced by Apple in their annual event, but in no way is a mediocre product, or that is not up to the par of other iPhones. It is powered by the same powerful processor A12 Bionic, and it also looks the beautiful design without bezel launched with the iPhone X of last year.

For this reason, and being that the term “cheap” in this case still means several hundreds of dollars, keep your new iPhone is always protected-should be a priority. It is possible that you have a holster for the iPhone XR, but what happens with the screen? The XR is not equipped with the AMOLED display found in the iPhone XS and XS Max, but it comes with a new LCD screen Liquid Retina which requires protection. Keep the window to the world of iOS open and no cracks with our selection of the best screen protectors for iPhone XR.

Spigen ($30)

best iphone xr screen protectors spigen

If you are looking for protection for your phone, one of your first options could have been the great variety of protective cases from Spigen, but it is good to know that the brand also provides protective glass for screens. The protector is made of tempered glass and has a hardness of 9H which helps to resist scratches and cracks. It comes with a coating oleofóbico that prevents fingerprints, oily spoil the view, plus avoid small scratches. Works perfectly with all of the covers from Spigen, and is easy to apply. It is not one of the cheaper options on this list, but Spigen offers quality you can count on.

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Rhinoshield Impact Protection ($25)

best iphone xr screen protectors rhinoshield

This screen protector is so tough that Rhinoshield claims that it can deal even with the impact of a hammer, and is five times more durable than Gorilla Glass 3. It is a great affirmation that we’re not going to try it with our phone -and nor should you do it – but it says a lot for the security of Rhinoshield for your product. The issue of Impact Protection is super thin with only 0.29 mm, and it also comes with a layer oleófoba to resist fingerprints. However, as it is a screen protector made of a thin film, will not have the same strength as a protective glass. It is compatible with the sleeves of Rhinoshield, but like the screen protector Spigen, it is quite expensive. Even so, if you are at the height of the expectations, probably worth the investment.

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Moshi IonGlass Privacy ($45)

best iphone xr screen protectors moshi

If you value your privacy, manage information that needs protection, or even if you use your mobile in public places, have a screen guard that protects your privacy is a necessity. The protector of IonGlass Moshi makes your screen fade to black when viewed from any angle other than front, which makes it difficult for prying eyes spy on you. Moshi also claims that the protector has been hardened at the molecular level and is 40 percent thinner than other protective glass. It is also one of the most expensive items on this list, but if it is it is important for you to keep your private information hidden from prying eyes, it might be worth the expense.

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Olixar Screen Protector Twin Pack ($8)

best iphone xr screen protectors olixar

Not necessarily you have to spend a fortune, and the proof is this double pack Olixar. These screen protectors are made of a film long-lasting and flexible it should be capable of resisting the scratches that could cause damage to your device. To be made of film, will not be as impact resistant as a screen protector of tempered glass, and probably won’t do much to avoid breaking by a fall, but still offer some protection against most of the dangers of everyday life and are easy to apply or change. Olixar claims that these protectors do not hinder your sensitivity to touch, or will reduce the clarity of your screen.

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Otterbox Alpha Glass ($40)

best iphone xr screen protectors otterbox

Another product with an excellent reputation, Otterbox is the classic name for the protective sleeves, and you can also find a good protection for your screen. The protective glass Alpha by Otterbox is made of reinforced glass that adheres closely to the screen, preventing damage from reaching the phone. It is super thin, does not affect the clarity of the screen, or the ability of tactile response, and is easy to install. Unfortunately, it is expensive, but it will work perfectly with any case Otterbox.

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Skinomi TechSkin Twin Pack ($9)

best iphone xr screen protectors skinomi

Here is another cheaper alternative in a double pack, but there is a twist in this particular story. Skinomi claims that TechSkin is the protective clear film more resistant to the market, and is manufactured with the same film that protects luxury cars, military aircrafts and space shuttles of NASA. We cannot support such claims, but we do know that the multi-layer construction of TechSkin gives properties of self-healing, protects against discoloration by UV rays and adds resistance to punctures. It’s not going to be as safe and secure as a protective glass, but if you want a shield as thin as possible, it is worth considering the TechSkin. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

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InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard ($45)

best iphone xr screen protectors invisibleshield

The so-called ‘blue light’ of the screens of the phones may have a variety of effects on people, including keep us awake during the night. Instead of using a filter based on a software that changes the tint of the screen, why not buy a screen protector to block directly the harmful light? That is the idea behind InvisibleShield Glass and VisionGuard Zagg. This protector uses a special coating to filter the light problem, which means that it never leaves the screen towards your eyes and therefore can’t affect. Does not change the appearance of the screen, is just as strong and tough as a protector of normal glass, and it comes with a rating of clarity of the hundred percent. As most of the protectors of the big brands in this list, it is expensive, but with a feature such as this, you should consider the option especially if you have problems of eye fatigue or falling asleep.

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