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The best screen protectors for iPhone 11 that you’ll want to have

The smartphone of Apple, the iPhone 11, it is elegant, amazing and comes in a beautiful variety of colors. That is the reason why a lot of people hate to hide all that natural beauty within a protective case, despite the myriad of options available. No matter how cute it is in a sheath; it rarely feels or looks as good as the device it protects. However, the case of screen protectors is different. With this product, you’ll have the best of both worlds: you can use your device comfortably and protect the large glass screen. Some screen protectors have a dual purpose, because in addition to caring for the glass, they also protect your privacy and security with multiple layers that repel the prying eyes. Therefore, a screen protector is an excellent first line of defense, although later think about purchasing a slipcover. The screens of the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 have the same dimensions, so that any of the best screen protectors for iPhone 11 that we have selected will work with both.

Protector amFilm for iPhone 11

protectores de pantalla para iphone 11 amfilm 768x768

The thin protector amFilm (0.33 mm) is designed to maximize both the sensitivity and the protection of your iPhone 11. Has a transparency of 99.9 percent that facilitates an experience of natural use, in addition to pledging total support for the touch functionality. It is very durable and scratch resistant; it has a level of hardness of 9H and is covered with a layer oleofóbica to reduce fingerprints. The package includes two protectors, mounting tray, wet wipe and adhesive type.

Protector Ishre

protectores de pantalla para iphone 11 irshe 2 1500x1000

The screen protector Ishre is easy to install and is reinforced with a hardness level of 9H to take care of effectively your phone from marks and scuffs from keys, coins and other objects that you can bring in your pocket. Ejects by itself the air bubbles while it binds it automatically to your screen. Covered with layers of transparent hydrophobic and oleofóbicas, this protective glass also repels grease from fingerprints.

Protector Unbreakcable

Protectores de pantalla para iPhone 11

The Unbreakcable is a protector of tempered glass that will protect your iPhone 11, the marks and scratches that can occur naturally due to the articles that you carry in your pocket or bag. The cover is installed without cracks or air bubbles and also has the hardness level 9H. It works with the 3D Touch for optimal accuracy and coverage oleofóbica, to clean easily the tracks. It also works with Face ID. Has edge 2.5 D, so it will not be as wide as the screen of your device. This specific design provides protection to the entire active area of the screen of the iPhone. The package contains an installation kit that includes a frame alignment, wipes, wet and dry adhesives and smudge.

Protector Moshi IonGlass Privacy Glass

protectores de pantalla para iphone 11 moshi 3 768x768

Although this is a little more expensive, Moshi offers an extra dose of privacy with their screen protector with reinforcement atomic, since it not only protects the glass from scratches and cracks, but also protects the contents of the screen from prying eyes. An angle of view of private 50 degrees prevents the onlookers are aware of what is on your screen. Up to 40 percent thinner than the protective glass generic, the Moshi has a layer oleofóbica to easily clean fingerprints. This privacy protector is ideal for anyone who use your iPhone in public, as well as travelers and professionals who need to see sensitive information. The IonGlass is moulded to fit perfectly to the screen of your phone, providing protection of edge-to-edge.

Protector, Belkin Anti-Glare

protectores de pantalla para iphone 11 belkin 12 768x768

The protective ultra-slim glare Belkin offers protection and total visibility. Eliminates the harsh highlights from the sun and the artificial lights to facilitate the comfortable use of your screen even under the brightest light. Thanks to how thin it is, this shield is lightweight and does not affect the sensitivity of the touch screen. Not only prevents damage, keeping your iPhone looking pristine, but also preserves the functionality of the touch screen, it has a level of hardness 3H, and is coated with a layer antirraspones.

Protector iCarez Matte

protectores de pantalla para iphone 11 icarez 768x768
This screen protector with rigid shell today comes in a pack of three. Its level of hardness is 3H-4H and is easy to put on and remove without leaving any bubbles or residues. It is made with a transparent film of high definition with a layer of antibacterial to take advantage of the Retina display of the iPhone to its maximum resolution. It retains the touch sensitivity and has openings so as not to interfere with the sensors.

Protector Torras for iPhone 11

protectores de pantalla para iphone 11 torras 768x768

The Torras is a protector exceptionally thin (0.25 mm), which allows the iPhone to have a look, and a management completely natural, including the 3D Touch. Comes in a pack of two and the installation is easy and bubble-free. Its level of hardness of 9H, and its tempered glass will protect your iPhone from scratches and falls.

Protector tempered glass Tethys

protectores de pantalla para iphone 11 tethys 3 768x768

Provides protection of edge-to-edge against scratches, bumps and falls. It is transparent and has a level 9H hardness, providing maximum coverage protection of the sensors front. It is with the majority of the cases, with the exception of those that have raised edges. Provides accessibility to the touch screen and allows access to all buttons and functions, as well as facial recognition. Comes in a pack of three units with alignment frame, wet wipe and dry, instructive, and adhesive type and guide.

Protector Leadstar Privacy

protectores de pantalla para iphone 11 leadstar 768x768

If your priority is to take care of your privacy, this screen saver is for you. The material high-definition high-end offers a private viewing of your screen and allows you to use the ID Face. It is compatible with almost all the covers and the installation is easy and bubble-free. Comes in a pack of two.

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