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The best portable air conditioner what you will find in this list

The summer is here, which means –among other things– that the time has come to put the air conditioning. But if you don’t have a central air system, you have two options: do portable air conditioner, or a conditioner of window? Both are good alternatives, but a portable air conditioner offers several advantages. In the first place, they are useful in wet areas where you really don’t want to open any window, for fear that only empeores the heat, even with an air-conditioned traditional. In the second place, the portable units are added useful in rooms such as classrooms and offices where you can’t open the windows and where the systems of control of air-conditioning may not be at the height.

Based on our extensive experience with smart products for the home, we have chosen the best air conditioners portable, as the model is durable and powerful Black & Decker that can also serve as a heater when necessary.

Black & Decker AC/heater

el mejor aire acondicionado portátil es el modelo Black and Decker AC/heater

Versatile and powerful, this model Black and Decker can cool an area up to 350 square feet, with a vertical flow of cold air. You can also switch it to heating mode in winter, with options of up to 14,000 BTU to ensure that the environment is kept warm. It also purifies the air with a filter included, and a dehumidifier that helps to draw water out of the air to keep the rooms fresh and dried, but bear in mind that the function of dehumidification requires a ventilation window, so that will not work in a room that is totally closed. There is no smart feature in this model, but comes with a handy remote control that displays the current temperature and allows programming, ventilator settings and much more.

Honeywell C060PM Evaporative Air Cooleraparato de aire acondicionado portátil Honeywell C060PM Evaporative Air Cooler

This portable unit from Honeywell uses a connection of hose to create air cooled and evaporated, which is then expelled by a fan. Tired of the sweat that drips down during your summer barbecues? Turn on this device and experience a refreshing cooling for areas of up to 850 feet. The bay of ice and the cooling pads, ensure that the breeze will keep the cold in an optimal way, and the entire unit is resistant to weathering and to UV rays, so don’t worry about the next wave of heat.

Honeywell CS071AE cooler/humidifier

aire acondicionado portátil Honeywell CS071AE cooler/humidifier

We’re sure you’ve noticed that many of the best air conditioners portable tend to run around $500 dollars. If that is too expensive for you, look at this cooler and humidifier that includes a robust dust filter and a handy remote control. It is especially affordable, but is also designed for small spaces. Make sure you place it just to the side of a desk or a sofa for you to feel the effects.

Whynter ARC-101 AC/dehumidifier

aire acondicionado Whynter ARC-101 AC/dehumidifier

This powerful model from Whynter, you can cool a room of 300 square feet and to change between the modes of air conditioning, fan simple and dehumidifier as needed (as usual, the mode dehumidifier is designed to be used with a vent window and can remove up to 70 pints per day). It also does a good job of cleansing with a pre-filter and a carbon filter. The controls allow you to set up a daily program with different specific temperatures for the room. In general, it can be a great unit, domestic or commercial, but it is a little larger and louder than many air conditioning units for the home.

Frigidaire Smart AC

aire acondicionado Frigidaire Smart AC

The unit Frigidaire Smart AC offers air-conditioning with wifi connection with an application for smart controls and a function of autoenfriamiento that you can configure for the device to turn on when you want. There are three cooling levels and three fan speeds to choose from, as well as ways of rest and energy saving. Can cool up to a room of 550 square feet, which makes this model ideal for most homes. It has a function deshumidificadora, but as it is not designed for a ventilation window, you can delete only three pints of water per hour. Also, keep in mind that the conical design means that this model works best when it is placed in the center of a space.

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