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The best plans for prepaid card in the united States

Whether you live in the united States as if you’ve thought about visiting for a few days in the country, surely you are interested in a prepaid plan for your smartphone that is more flexible, without ties or a one-year contract with a company, or a telephone operator. If so, this guide will offer the best plans for prepaid card in the united States for you to choose from, according to your data consumption usual and your budget, the best option.

Prepaid plans – prepaid Card

 Every company in the US offers, as is normal, their own offers or pre-payment plans and, therefore, below, we offer you a list of the more popular or large:

T – Mobile

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The operator T-Mobile is one of the most important of the united States and, therefore, offers plans for nearly every type of user or need. In the case of the prepaid card the T-Mobile plans are divided rather by the number of devices. So, you have plans for a single phone -that lets you make calls and without the need to be connected to the internet all the time – and another for up to a maximum of five lines.

Plan $3 per month (Pay As You Go)

Includes 30 minutes of calls, 30 text messages, or any combination of messages and minutes that add up to 30 for $3 dollars a month. After, minutes and additional texts cost $0.10 dollars.

Simply Prepaid

Plan for five lines so that the first line goes to $40, two lines come out to $70, three lines for $100, four lines for $130 dollars and five lines for $160 dollars. This plan includes 10GB of data and unlimited calls within the US.

T-Mobile ONE Prepaid Domestic Only

This other plan for a maximum of five lines with unlimited 4G and unlimited calls, also. And the prices are: one line for $50, two lines for $80 dollars, three lines for $110 dollars, four lines for $140 dollars and five lines for $170 dollars.


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Another of the big operators that you will find in the united States is AT&T. In this case, the company offers four packs different for prepaid card. In addition, you can check the rates and what they include in Spanish.

In summary, these are the four plans that include calls and unlimited text messages.

  • 1 GB of data for $35 dollars a month ($30 with auto pay)
  • 16GB of data (limited supply) or 8GB with the plan usual for $50 a month ($40 with auto pay)
  • No limit of GB of data and no Hotspot for $65 per month ($$55 with auto pay)
  • No limit of GB of data with Hotspot (10GB) for $80 per month ($75 dollars for automatic payment)


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Verizon does not let you choose a prepaid card just for a few days or weeks, and their plans are all monthly. But their packs ranging from $35 or $40 dollars a month, to $65 or $70 dollars a month. other, Verizon also has Prepaid Plans Family for more than one line.

  • 6GB data and mobile Hotspot: $35 with auto pay or $40 without auto pay.
  • 16GB data, with Hotspot mobile and unlimited calls also to Mexico and Canada: $45 dollars with auto pay, $50 without auto pay.
  • Unlimited data, mobile Hotspot, and llamdas unlimited also to Mexico and Canada.
  • Prepaid plans Family: unlimited talk and text in the US, unlimited texting to 200 international destinations and Hotsopt mobile. The costs of the lines ranging from a line with 6GB of data for $40, and the second line with the same data for $30 dollars more, that is to say, the two lines for $70 dollars. You can add more lines and the final price will vary but always at a more competitive price that if you are to be hired separately.

US Cellular

planes tarjeta prepago eeuu us cellular

In the case of US Cellular, if this operator is available in your city or state, then these are the prepaid plans it offers. In addition, for $5 extra you can add calls and unlimited text messaging to Mexico and Canada.

  • For $30 dollars a month you have the plan Pay-As-you – Go offers for this tough calls and unlimited text messages, but the data are to be paid separately at a cost of $0.03/MB.
  • For $40 per month, however, you can get in with another plan of prepaid calls and unlimited text messages and 3GB of data
  • And for $55 dollars a month, you get data, calls and unlimited text messages.

Other services

Google Fi

Starting at $20 dollars a month, this service of Google you offers calls and unlimited text messages for $10 more dollars you get 1GB of data.

But you can customize your plan according to the number of people and the GB of data that you need.

US Mobile

This operator works with the networks of Verizon and T-Mobile, and currently offers several different prepaid plans with unlimited calling:

  • 5GB of data cost $25 dollars in mobile Hotspot.
  • 10GB of data will cost $35 dollars without mobile Hotspot.
  • And with unlimited data, the price increases to $40 dollars without mobile Hotspot.

However, you can also customize your plan according to the minutes of calls you need to, text messaging and GB of data. In this case the prices vary from $6 dollars to $36 dollars.

Prepaid plans and prepaid card if you are traveling to the US

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Surely you will be able to find different companies in the united States that offer prepaid plans according to the days that are going to be in the country. One of them is SimOptions. In this case, you can choose a prepaid plan for 30 days or for 15 days, no support calls, but data with what, through WhatsApp you will be able to contact with your family and friends.

Another option is to Telaway, which offers unlimited calls to the U.S. or to and from Spain, but you will work out more expensive. For example, up to 10 days the price rose to $70 dollars.

And also you can take a look at the prepaid offer of Holafly. In this case, the prices of the pre-paid SIM card ranging from $30 for five days and you get unlimited 4G and unlimited local calling within the united States, so forget about paying roaming or find a Wifi connection everywhere. Allows you, also, to keep your Spanish number in WhatsApp and uses the network of AT&T.

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