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While the streaming music services via streaming have become one of the most popular ways to enjoy your favorite songs, this is not necessarily the case for all. Those who have a vast collection in your computer or in the cloud, or who want to dust off some favorite CD, you need a reliable music player, and what is true is that some times Windows Media simply does not do a good job. That is why, we present to you our guide of the best music players for free to Windows, so you can enjoy your songs on your computer, whether or not you have a connection to the internet.




MusicBee is an excellent option for those who have huge collections of tunes that need to be organized. You can import your existing libraries from iTunes and Windows Media Player and to name or label each file as you think best. The Auto DJ function of the program lets you sync with, and will play artists, or genres similar according to what you want to listen. You can also set MusicBee up to organize your favorite podcasts, audiobooks and radio stations.

With its options of equalizer 10 to 15 bands, the function of cross-fade and playback options without interruption, the audio settings are plentiful with MusicBee. It even has a visual touch in the form of a display spectrum of five bands, which coincides with what you’re listening to. It also has plug-ins available for additional customization.

Not only is for your computer. With MusicBee, you can synchronize the content with your mobile devices, and the possibility of changing the colors of the theme is an unexpected surprise among other options of free software. The software even supports 5.1 surround sound if you want to connect to a speaker and want the best possible result.



Foobar2000 has a remarkable history. As a project of music player open source, has managed to persist for years and remain not only usable, but also one of the best players for free to Windows 10 in the scene.

Don’t let the basic interface fool you to think that this is not worth. You can customize its appearance as you want and play from MP3s and WMA files to Musepack, Speex and even formats that are more rare with the plug-ins appropriate. There are also extensive capabilities for label content and full support for keyboard shortcuts, which makes Foobar an excellent software to manage lists of audio files more complex.

The program also includes options for seamless playback, ReplayGain, and the extraction and conversion of audio. In addition, all the components and download options are readily available on the site, and the software continues to be updated until the day of today.

Media Monkey

Media Monkey
Media Monkey is similar to MusicBee, and boasts many of the same characteristics. Although it lacks of synchronization of, Media Monkey is compatible with podcasts, audiobooks, and can be configured to download your favorite podcasts.

It is compatible with 100,000 files and types of playlists, at the same time that facilitates the labeling and organization. The software is also pretty smart; it can automatically identify tracks, synchronize or correct tags, and search for related information, which is great in order to put some of those old collections of music.

We are impressed with the tools that make it very easy to create playlists or build them automatically through Auto-DJ. The capabilities of sync and recording are also excellent for musicians or beginners. If to that you add the “Party Mode”, the display and the reporting of exported audio files, it is difficult to see why anyone would pay for a music manager when there is Media Monkey.

AIMP 4.50

The continuous updating of THIS software has resulted in a stunning interface and clean for music lovers. In addition to being compatible with a variety of formats, the software also includes support for Internet radio, a sound engine, with an eq of 18 bands, and capabilities of smart playlists.

Do you need to convert formats? No problem, AIMP can handle that too, as well as provide editing options for all the audio tags, and scheduling options for setting up schedules if you like to listen to music to sleep or wake up. It also has a number of excellent functions of the user interface.


Dopamine is a music player very simple that is designed to be easy to use; just tell to Dopamine where is your music and the app will do the rest. The download is fast, the setup is easy and updates are automatic. The interface is incredibly basic and intuitive, with large titles and controls obvious. You can also change the tone of the theme to any color that will help you more easily find the songs of a look, but the dark mode the default does a great job if you’re not sure what to choose. All the simplicity is excellent, but keep in mind that this player can’t do much with the metadata, or find the illustrations that are missing, so it works better with most complete collections.

Groove Music

Groove Music
Groove had a release of hard as a half-hearted attempt to replace Windows Media Player, but the increased support over time has transformed this music application simple and intuitive software that are worth taking into account. Supports downloads at up to four devices and you can sync music between Windows, iOS, Android and Xbox, delivering music almost wherever you want to listen to it.

If you kept most of your music in OneDrive or on your computer with Windows, then it is worth considering Groove.



Songbird adds a social element welcome to the management software of music. The interface itself is very basic (and in some areas, could use an update), but you have the possibility to share your photos and discover artists with other fans, a bit like Spotify but with your own audio files including.

Unfortunately Songbird has not been updated for Windows 10, so although it is still supported and works with the operating system, it could be that there is a final deadline that will simply not work with the latest software. At the time of writing this article we can confirm that the software works well enough in Windows 10, although there is no guarantee that this is the case in the future.

The good news is that, if for any reason you find a previous version of Windows, this is probably your best choice of music management.

Do you prefer your music to be a little more portable than the previous solutions? Here’s our guide of the best MP3 players laptops.

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