The best monitors that you can buy and need

If you’re looking for a great monitor without having to ruin, there is nothing like the USB-C Ultrathin Dell. It is super thin, looks fantastic at a great price, and in our tests we struggled to find fault. But if you have something more specific in mind, such as a large screen 4K or something more suitable for the games, we have prepared for you the best monitors of 2019 in this listing.


The best monitor in general

los mejores monitores dell 27 usb c ultrathin monitor s2719dc review12 720x720

Why should you buy it? Because it is a screen beautiful with a frame and bezels super-thin, at a price extremely attractive.

Who is it for? For almost any, ideal at home or at work.

Why we chose the Dell Ultrathin USB-C? The monitor USB-C Ultrathin Dell (model S2719DC) borrowed the design of the segment of the laptop computer and did something really special. The Ultrathin, which looks like a XPS 13 extended, lives up to its name with bevels in miniature and a slender frame that allows this screen fits well at any desk regardless of the amount of space that you have.

Although it has some USB ports and HDMI, this screen inherits the standard connector in laptops: USB-C. This connector allows you to upload and stream video from a laptop connected, which makes it an excellent accessory for users of portable computers.

It is only 1440p, but that is not a problem for the professional approach of this screen, and helps to keep the cost low as low. Account with support for HDR, which makes watching movies with compatibility with the standard colour is a real pleasure. It is backed up by a fantastic color accuracy and a wide support for several ranges of colors, including 100 percent of the spectrum sRGB.


Best monitor for gaming

los mejores monitores asus rog swift pg279q 4 720x720

Why should you buy it? Because it reaches the optimum point of specification to 1440p, features update frequency of 165Hz and G-Sync of Nvidia.

Who is it for? Gamers with Nvidia graphics cards.

Why do we chose?

For those who play video games, once you attain a resolution higher than 1080p, we believe that the best investment is in a screen more quickly and the Asus ROG Swift PG279Q is tremendously fast. With an update frequency of 165Hz, manages without problems that your graphics card can offer. While there are some screens that reach up to 240Hz, this monitor is 1440p and 165Hz is on the tipping point of being affordable and fantastically competitive with the best screens of games in the world, and we believe that it is to the head.

This makes it perfect for games of high-speed sports in which a high refresh rate can reduce the delay of input and make it a bit faster than your opponents. It is unlikely to achieve frame rates as high on the AAA games, but you could do so in the future if you upgrade your GPU, so that this screen will serve you for years.

These frames individual also look great with a quality of solid image, and sharp images thanks to the resolution and the contrast of the first level. While there are better screens available to watch movies or work, there are few that can maintain the balance of this screen and none that can match its price-quality ratio with this set of functions.


Best ultrawide monitor

los mejores monitores samsung cf791 monitor hero 720x720

Why should you buy it? It’s huge, immersive whether you play as if you are working, and the image quality is fantastic.

Who is it for? For those who want a fantastic experience with multiple monitors without frames dividers.

Why we chose the Samsung CF791? With 34 inches of width, the Samsung CF791 is not the ultrawide world’s largest, but it is our favorite. With a picture quality fantastic, features of professional game as a high refresh rate (100Hz) and compatibility with AMD Freesync, it is great if you’re attacking enemies, or just working on some spreadsheets at the same time. Despite achieving a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 is not quite 4K, but it is more than sufficiently detailed for a look and feel magnificent and crisp, no matter what you’re using.

From the first moment, the colors and contrast are nearly perfect. To achieve a contrast ratio of 940: 1, without calibration, and with a color accuracy is almost perfect after calibration, the CF791 has managed to surprise us by surpassing the competition and our expectations. Games and movies look great, movies look great, and improves daily productivity.

The technology Quantum Dot Samsung help much in all cases, offering a contrast ratio and color depth fantastic that it is difficult to overcome in screens much more expensive. You may find some problems finding multimedia content that is compatible on platforms such as Netflix or Amazon video, but for almost everything else, this ultrawide will steal your heart. It is a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for, and in this case it is a generous screen that looks fantastic.


The best monitor economic

los mejores monitores dell s2418h monitor hero 720x720

Why should I buy it? Because it is a large 24-inch screen that looks very good at 1080p, at a price even more attractive.

Who is it for? For anyone with a tight budget that don’t need more than 1080p.

Why we chose the Dell S2418H? The resolution of 1080p is not the holy grail on the PC as it was before, but still can look good in a correct screen and the Dell S2418 responds to this definition. It is incredibly affordable, often reaching prices below $ 200 dollars, for a 24-inch screen, even in 2019, is an opportunity. It is a versatile option and reliable for a home office or the desk in the bedroom. If you’re just looking for a monitor that works well, but don’t ruin it, look no further.

But the Dell S2418H is not just a good monitor that is low cost, it is a good product in general. The color accuracy is fantastic, and the contrast ratio remains extremely competitive, coming in at 1000: 1 with full brightness. If you’re looking for a good monitor versatile, but you don’t want to make the jump to 4K or invest in an alternative, this is an excellent option.

If you need a little more space on the screen, there is also a version of 27 inches that doesn’t cost much more.

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