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The best locks smart that you can buy

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The locks or padlocks for the front door of your house probably are not the most striking feature of your home. In fact, you probably use them every day without paying much attention. But if we talk about locks intelligent, these devices keep our homes protected, our quiet families, and our possessions safe. The upgrade to a lock-in smart will provide you with the added convenience of the input without using a physical key, but should not be more difficult to choose a joint lock.

A good lock smart should be a combination of security and convenience. Although the most important thing is that you and your home are safe, these products must also be easy to install and use. Fortunately, you can easily integrate many of the locks on this list with other products for the smart home, such as HomeKit from Apple or Amazon Echo, and operate it through your phone.

As a safety feature, Alexa will not allow you to open the door with only the voice, but it is known that Siri does so with an iPad that does not have an access code. That is something that you should take into account: the comfort should not be at the expense of safety.

Below, we present to you some of the best padlocks and locks smart the market, so you can take your security into the TWENTY-first century and peaceful sleep.


Product Category
August Smart Lock Third Generation Our best selection
Yale Assure SL The lock more elegant
Kwikset Obsidian The best keyboard keypad

Our best choice

August Smart Lock Third Generation review bike

Why you should buy it:
This lock is stylish, secure, and easy-to-install and easy-to-use. This lock smart is an excellent partner for home safety.

Who is it for:
For those who want a setup and functionality simple and without complications.

How much it costs:
$150 dollars

Why we chose the August Smart Lock Third Generation:

This latest version of the August Smart Lock has a lower cost than the previous models and also features a new industrial design, more slim. Fits on the inside of your deadbolt, existing, and includes a twist of traditional to lock and unlock the door with the thumb.

The lock is thinner and taller than the previous models, which works much better in doors with panels of enamel. In addition, it is made with all high quality materials we expect from the company, and it can support Wifi, HomeKit, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa, and Z-Wave directly and without additional configurations, after right out of the box.

Unlike the proposals of the competition that require you to replace your existing locks, locks, smart August is installed on a dead standard in the inside of the door. That means that you can use a traditional set of keys to unlock your door, to the former, or also use the application of August, that is very well designed and is easy to use. The time to install takes about 15 minutes if you have the correct tools, and is faster if you have another person to help you complete the installation.


The lock more elegant

Yale Assure Lock SL review led off

Why you should buy it:
This lock is stylish, attractive, easy to use, and works well with your household devices smart

Who is it for:
For those who want a functional device and a sleek look in the front door of your house.

How much it costs:
$249 dollars (with network module included)

Why we chose the Yale Assure SL:

No matter how intelligent they may be, to the majority of people do not excited about have a lock on your door. After all, the locks should be functional, utilitarian and, often, are large and bulky. But the lock, smart Yale Assure SL is different. With its elegant and gentle face of onyx and its small size, this lock is a smart device that your and your guests certainly will admire each time you enter through your main door.

The lock is perfect for those looking for a lock door appearance simplified but elegant which, when combined with a network module, works with the configuration of your smart home. However, it is a bit pricey at 200.And if you buy the module, is increased to $250 dollars.

The device comes in a finish of brushed silver, polished brass or bronze in the oil, (brushed silver, polished brass or oil-rubbed bronze) and features a keypad that illuminates when you press the lower-left corner. The keypad is easily visible even in the bright light of the sun, or on dark nights. When no one is dialing numbers on the keyboard, the numbers disappear, and it is just a brilliant facade of onyx.

In general, it is a lock attractive that will make your entry door look better, while at the same time offers security and intelligent functionality.


The best keyboard keypad

kwikset obsidian smart lock electronic 1

Why you should buy it:
Obsidian means that you can stop using the keys to the door of your house

Who is it for:
For those who never found their keys to the entrance door

How much it costs:
$179 dollars

Why we chose the Kwikset Obsidian:

Kwikset, one of the largest manufacturers of locks in the united States, has created a lock-in elegant and modern with a responsive touchscreen that does not require a single key. The touch screen has an LED display that lights up when touched, so you can view it day or night. The lock itself keeps a low profile, projecting to less than an inch from the door.

The lock can be configured to lock automatically after 30 seconds of closing the door, which means that you don’t have to worry about whether or not it is safe. If you’re one of those people who is concerned about the depleted batteries, the Obsidian has a back-up plan, literally, in the form of a compartment that stores a spare battery of 9 volts.

With a Home function Connect, the lock Obsidian becomes a padlock smart with all the functions to add to its attractive appearance.


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