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The best headphones for running and enjoy your favorite music

If you run and you like to listen to music, podcasts or just be available for a phone call occasional, you’ll need a set of headphones special. After testing dozens of models, we believe that the Jabra Elite Sport are the best headphones for running that you can buy today. Completely wireless, offer much more than just music to accompany you: with a follow-up of your physical condition to board, good resistance to water and sweat, and a way that guarantees that will remain in place, are all that a runner and a fan of the Gym could ask for in a set of headphones.

los mejores audífonos para correr

Our team has done their homework in this summary, by consulting the opinions of experts and our own experience in the audio devices. We are very confident that the Jabra Elite Sport will be better for the majority of people, although we have also put together a series of alternatives, in the event that are not appropriate for you. Each of these options has its specific qualities, so you have to consider your needs and say after a result.

Box general

Product Category
Jabra Active 65T The best
Beats Powerbeats Pro The best for iPhone
Anker SoundBuds Sport The best choice of low-cost
Samsung Galaxy Buds The best earphones for running Android
Jabra Elite Sport The best earphones with heart rate monitor

JLab Epic Air Sport

The best headphones for running

mejores audfonos para correr ruuning

Why buy them? With a battery life of 10 hours is truly global, total protection against sweat and sound quality that will inject new energy in your workouts, the JLab Epic Air Sport are really epic.

“Who are you targeting? Tothose who want it all: great battery life, comfort, sound quality and protection against sweat, at a price that does not force you to cancel your gym membership.

Why we chose the JLab Epic Air Sport?

Is it possible to buy wireless headphones true that provide a great sound, a great convenience, a battery life that is more than able to last a full day and a protection against the sweat that it can withstand the workouts more grueling, all without spending more than $250 dollars? Even in may of 2019, the answer would have been “no”, but things have changed, thanks to the latest version of Epic Air Sport JLab.

These true wireless headphones seem to do the impossible: offer an audio experience truly wireless without compromises for a price that most people can afford.

Its battery life of 10 hours (70 hours if you include the juice in the charging case laptop) is amazing, and even beats the Beats Powerbeats Pro, the holder of the previous record of resistance.

Although it is not as high fidelity as the Powerbeats, the Epic Air Sport sound a little better than the Jabra Elite Active 65t, and its eq settings built-in and no applications will help most people to find a signature sound that suits your favorite music.

You can control the volume, play / pause, track forward / backward, EQ, access voice assistant and even the “be aware” that emits sounds outside, all with a few taps on the sides of the headphones.

With a protection rating of IP66, the Epic Air Sports will be immune to the dust or the water that is presented to them, always and when do not take to swimming.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

The best for iPhone

Why buy them? Offer cquality excellent sound with a battery that will stand up to long days.

“Who are you targeting? IPhone users looking for headphones truly wireless, which will provide it with Siri and a performance test of sweat.

Why do we choose them?

These hearing aids not only can withstand nine hours on a single charge, but also, they are more than able to deal with the moisture generated even by the exercise more vigorous (though not exaggerate: do not try to swim without them), and they have that classic sound of Beats, which makes them very special.

The PowerBeats Pro offer a comfortable and secure fit, keeping the design of the clip over the ear. Siri may be called simply by calling its name (or pressing a button), and the volume switch includes a great improvement with respect to the AirPods that lack of such a feature.

These headphones don’t offer audio step from the built-in microphones, so you have to be careful when working near traffic or other dangers, but it has a pause function automatic excellent (and customizable) when you delete an Earbud.

Anker SoundsBuds

The best choice of low-cost

SoundBuds Sport de Anker: Los mejores audífonos para correr

Why buy them? If you have a limited budget and don’t need many functions, the SoundBuds Sport of Anker is the best option.

“Who are you targeting? Racers on a budget who want wireless connectivity.

These headphones offer wireless connectivity, a battery life of eight hours duration and resistance to sweat, which makes them suitable for running or the gym. They offer three sizes of silicone tips for finding the right fit and are even equipped with noise cancellation technology.

In addition to being easy to use, best of all is that the Anker SoundBuds Sports will sell for only $ 30. That makes it the perfect choice for runners who do not seek functions, extravagant, or do not want to spend a lot of money.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The best earphones for running Android

Dan Baker/Digital Trends

Why buy them? Good battery life, excellent comfort and qualities, all at an affordable price.

“Who are you targeting? Android users who are looking for a set of headphones truly wireless extremely comfortable and packed with features.

Why we chose to Offer six hours of battery life on a single charge, and moreover, they are equipped with a sheath of load compact, which has the ability to recharge your headphones once more (it is not much, but something)

These headphones offer an impressive variety of functions thanks to their surfaces touch control that can be completely customized with the application Samsung Wear. Can be configured to skip tracks, adjust the volume or activate the sound mode environmental of Samsung, which allows you to introduce a variable amount of external sound through the microphones. The application also allows you to choose between five configurations, eq different, a feature that we have not found in many headphones.

Those who tend to misplace it all really appreciate the option “Find my earbuds,“ since that will save you from a frantic search just before starting to run. The rating IPX2 means that they will not survive full immersion, but should be adequate for a workout sweaty.

Jabra Elite Sport

The best earphones with heart rate monitor

Jabra Elite Sport: Los mejores audífonos para correr

Why buy them? By tracking the physical state, sound quality, battery life and the wireless design. The Elite Sport have all of the features that athletes want and are one of the best earphones for running.

“Who are you targeting? For runners who want the best combination of sound, features and durability.

Why do we choose them? When you’re searching for headphones for running or any other exercise, you will probably see the option lighter, less awkward, and also sounds good and has a battery with excellent durability. Hearing aids Elite Sport Jabra meet all these requirements and are fully wireless. They are waterproof, offer great performance and have a flexible fit but surely, that puts them above the rest.

Not only the sound is excellent, but as you do not have a cable, it eliminates the interference that they cause, and in addition allows you to stay firmly in place on your ears, because there is nothing to pull them while you run.

Jabra took a step closer to the athletes, to include a heart rate monitor on the right earpiece. When combined with the application Sport Life, will deliver heart rate information during workouts: you can even add and track specific workouts to get more statistics.

The duration of the 4.5 hours of the battery should be enough, but it also has a charging case, so you have to turn them on while you’re in motion is very easy. In case outside little, are water-resistant, with a rating of IP67. Without a doubt, the best earphones for running.

*Updated by Maria Teresa Lopes on 07 November 2019.

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