The best games with Intel graphics that you can find

mejores juegos con gráficos Intel

Of the best games with Intel graphics is what you want to talk about then, despite the fact that some “sophisticated” considered poor in quality. But it should not for any reason be considered less. Of course, you need something more to play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in the graphics settings to ultra, but if you don’t mind a little loss of visual quality and deepen the great games out there, we can tell you that there have been, there are and there will be tons of entertainment and excitement.

This guide is for those who find themselves without a so-called dedicated graphics card: this is our list of the best games that you can run with Intel graphics.

Before you begin, it is important to note that some of these games are not designed to run with integrated graphics. All can be played with a quality more than acceptable, although undoubtedly you’ll be sacrificing visual quality to do so. Also you may need to make some manual adjustments in the graphics settings before you can start to play the game properly. For tips about this, please see this guide from Intel.

The best games for graphics cards integrated

Very beautiful, the combat game Overwatch (inspired by MOBA) is a game that is very inclusive when it comes to their requirements. Although you must make sure that you have —at least— 4 GB of RAM, graphically a Intel HD 4400 is sufficient to comply with the minimum specifications. With this, you’re not going to get a lot more than the graphics settings to minimum but it is still quite playable.

There are there videos of people getting run Overwatch on hardware even weaker, although that tends to require large sacrifices in terms of resolution.

Do you contact Overwatch for the first time? Something we’ve talked about it, the purpose of the games in Facebook Live.

Born as a trading card game, Hearthstone is an experience a lot less frenetic, and therefore, its specifications are lower than its popular cousin FPS. Although the official specifications do not mention Intel HD graphics, is there a lot of evidence of people who are able to run the game in a variety of chips with integrated graphics from Intel. In some cases, they may even be eligible for levels of detail medium.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the biggest success of 2017, being hailed by many as the top of the “battle royale” of the video game. Would never have reached such heights if the players with systems more weak ones could’ve executed. Although the minimum system requirements suggest to have —at least— a graphic card of low-level, some have managed to make it work without even that, and if you’re willing to endure the colors are not very bright and a resolution of blocks, Battlegrounds is perfectly playable on a variety of chips Intel HD graphics.

The series Grand Theft Auto is one of the franchises most popular in the history of video games. His newest entry, GTA V, is shown as an example of “well-produced” and how good it looks today, after its launch, 2013.

This, of course, does not mean that you can’t play on integrated graphics. It is possible that you will have to sacrifice the level of detail and the “softness” of the speed of the frames (depending on your preferences), but there are a lot of people that have made this game work without a graphic card.

There are even mods that can help you to run the game on hardware ultra-low-end, if necessary.

Possibly the competitive game of PC more popular in the world and visible face of the predominance of MOBA online games, League of Legends, it is easy to run on a variety of hardware. You need to make sure, that yes, you have a good frame rate, as when these are too low (by a second) can give you a disadvantage in the game online. But it is not something difficult to achieve, even with the older graphics Intel HD.

Riot Games is continually adjusting the images from your game to make sure it look good, while still supporting the low-end hardware and older. Its minimum specs just indicate the need of a graphics card.

Being the other “big name” of MOBA in the world of video games, DotA 2 is a bit more “heavy” to run on a system that the League of Legends, but it is still playable on a hardware level input. You may need to make some adjustments in the settings, and sacrificing some visual clarity to work without problems, but there is no reason to think that you can’t be competitive online, even if you use integrated graphics.

Considered as one of the franchises most beloved in the history of video games, the two Portal are considered true classics by almost any person who has played. If today can be considered a bit kitschy, they are also very easy to run in all kinds of hardware. And yes: it is of the oldest games that is included in this list, and in addition, it may not be too surprising for someone playing for the first time. But we can assure you that the inclusion of Portal in this list is more than deserved.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensivealso known as CS: GO is one of the titles most durable of Steam. Built on the solid foundations of its predecessors, CS: GO offers the same great gameplay of yesterday and today, regardless of the hardware that you’re running it. Although it is not as well optimized for systems with low-end as some of the other games you’ve talked about before, with some adjustments you can get it to work very well in Intel HD graphics of varied ability.

The series Mount and Blade has never been well-known for its graphics, but everything it lacks in visual beauty it makes up for with a vengeance in the game. Warband offers a huge single-player adventure, whether as a ruler or as a soldier, in a most remarkable combination of action and management. The fact that it is not “so nice” is provided to be able to play —and a very good way— on older systems.

The combination of football with cars-rocket-could —a priori— does not seem to be a blend that’s going to work, but when the Rocket League debut in 2015, it quickly became the summer hit.

Has maintained a strong fanbase since then, and its number of players has not done more than increase. To play Rocket League you don’t need a powerful PC at all, as long as you are willing to forego some other visual effect more thin. In short: you can play Rocket League using integrated graphics without the slightest difficulty.

juegos graficos intel left4dead2screengrab01 720x720

Left 4 Dead land gave the players the zombie apocalypse that they wanted to before the gender is sobresaturara.

Despite the good that was the original Left 4 Dead, its sequel contains all the campaigns and features of the first game, with abundant additions of his own.

Left 4 Dead 2 is as fun today as it was when it was first released in 2009, and works well on integrated graphics. You’ll have to run it at settings reasonably low, but the game still looks good for his age.

juegos graficos intel halflife2screengrab01 720x720

Half-Life and its sequel are some of the shooters -first-person – remembered that have been made. Are games strong and, although they are a little outdated in some mechanical aspects, are still excellent experiences for one player and multiplayers.

Better yet, because of your age, you can play them in most of the modern chips Intel integrated graphics configurations complete or nearly complete.

It may not be the holidays visuals which were when launched for the first time, but Half-Life and Half-Life 2 ifguen to be fantastic games and you can play through them without a graphics card it is a real pleasure.

juegos graficos intel firewatchscreengrab01 720x720

Firewatch is as much an experience as a game. Some might call it a “simulator ” to walk”, but we all know him as a game aspect fantastic.

While it may not look as good as in the chips of Intel graphics, the stylized images will still absorb into your atmosphere relaxing, even in environments low.

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