The best games for Oculus Rift: experience the incredible experiences

Little by little, the experiences of virtual reality are gaining popularity, despite the fact that the price of the devices is still a little high. But the new and great sensations that are experienced with this type of content pose an extra and, once you try it, you trapped forever. In this field, the goggles Oculus Rift are some of the best to get in incredible virtual worlds. The catalog of titles for this device is extensive, from shooters in the first person extravagant puzzle. But we have selected for you the best games for Oculus Rift. Are you ready to hallucinate?

Oculus Quest y Oculus Rift
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Five Nights at Freddy’s is expanding beyond the limits of the game systems traditional to scare you even more. Five Nights at Freddy s VR: Helped Wanted includes a mix of experiences classic the last of the series, as well as new ones that will leave you terrified and unable to go back to visit the restaurant Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Five Nights at Freddy’s in virtual reality addresses the successes of the first four games, as well as the cleavage of the Sister Location, and you will scare them with all the murderous animatronic classics that you remember. Of course, his feeling of surprise and shock will be even more intense due to the Rift.


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Virtual reality is often used as a tool for players to dwell in unknown worlds and act as if they were the heroes of a story, but A Fisherman’s Tale has an approach that is more surreal. As a fisherman puppet living inside of a cabin and unaware of the world around you, it is as if you were inside another level of virtual reality.

As you progress, you’ll complete puzzles environmental bend your concept of reality and used the physics in unique ways. A small object, about the size of a doll house, could become one huge before your eyes, and discover how to use them as you get your headlamp is crucial for your success.


mejores juegos para Oculus Rift

Numerous experiences of virtual reality have tried to capture the feeling of floating in space, but this exclusive title of Oculus is the only one that gets it. The mission seems simple: to make maintenance repairs on a space station, but thanks to the excellent drivers Oculus Touch, all your movements will provide a degree of immersion that few games of virtual reality have been able to reproduce until now.

With a solid history of science fiction and space wonderfully done, the hours of play with the Lone Echo are the best way to visit space from your living room.



mejores juegos para Oculus Rift

One of the games most ambitious of the Oculus Rift to date, Wilson’s Heart it is a thriller psychological. Set in the 1940s, the game stars Robert Wilson, who are admitted to a hospital and upon waking realizes that his heart has been replaced by a device disconcerting.

You play as Wilson, but you’re not the only one with disturbing problems. As you get deeper in the narrow hallways and creepy, you’ll find a cast of eccentric characters, and you all want to know how and why the evil hospital staff put so many injections. Full of surprises and realizations creepy, Wilson’s Heart makes a great use of the controllers Touch for getting into the heart of the horrors that boggle the mind.


mejores juegos para Oculus Rift

Developer Tequila Works has used virtual reality to try something different: solve a murder mystery in which you have to research various people and their roles in the story. Located in a mansion giant property of Nikola Tesla, who is the victim in this story, your mission is to roam through the house like a ghostly and invisible observer, searching for clues and observing people to find out what is really going on, and who is guilty.

True to the genre, all the world is up to something and the story gets pretty twisted. You will spend time rewinding and moving quickly to trace the movements of the different people throughout the mansion, to gather clues about who they are, why they are there and what they have done. Although it is a experience less interactive than most, The Invisible Hours, takes you into this type of experiences great you can feel with the virtual reality.


mejores juegos para Oculus Rift

Possibly the best multiplayer experience of virtual reality to date, Star Trek: Bridge Crew allows users to make real their childhood fantasies of joining players of the stature of James T. Kirk, Montgomery Scott, Hikaru Sulu and Pavel Chekov as a member of the crew of the Star Fleet.

Players work in teams of four, with each person in one of the four roles (pilot, engineer, tactical or captain). The work is best done with a controller Oculus Touch, but it can be done with a controller of Xbox One. Stands out as a cooperative game, by the need to work in a team to find success. You really feel as if you were living inside an episode of Star Trek. In a nutshell, if you have a group with which to play, points to this game already on your wish list.


mejores juegos para Oculus Rift

Imagine the era of the cyberpunk aesthetic and dystopian that came out of the novels and films of science fiction of the 80’s and 90’s and have Technolust. It is the type of game in which you “connect” as a hacker to cross virtual scenarios in order to steal data from a lot of corporations are evil. It is dirty, dark, and completely retro-futuristic, so it is worthwhile that you consider your purchase. The “mini-games” within the game are also very fun and added multiple levels to the experience of virtual reality.


mejores juegos para Oculus Rift

The story, centered on the time of the vikings puts you in the role of a man on the verge of death, when he and his family return to his village after an accident. A gift from the gods, has moved away from Valhalla, but it cost him his voice, and things are about to get complicated in a apocalyptic world of norse mythology.

Fated is a game focused on the story, which makes it a little slow in the development of the characters and the plot. There is magic and mystery, as well as a little bit of norse mythology, and the virtual reality is used to put you in the place of a character that simply tries to save his people from total destruction.


mejores juegos para Oculus Rift

It is basically an adventure game in first person in which players gather objects, solve puzzles and unlock the story by interacting with characters and picking up information from the environment. The Assembly is developed in a scientific laboratory secret, where you find yourself with the unintended consequences of playing god. It is not a game full of action, but addresses some of the problems of movement of the virtual reality with useful tricks to move around. It is simply a good entry point for newbies of the virtual reality.



mejores juegos para Oculus Rift

Conceived as an alternative to the game of shooting in first person experimental Superhot, Superhot VR adapts to the mechanical stop-motion to your arms while driving the drivers Oculus Touch. When you move the hands, the bullets raining down from the enemies, but if you stop to consider your next move, you will receive a few bullets welcome. The goal remains the same: to go forward to the exit in each room, but in virtual reality the intensity is amplified. Dismember the enemies will make you pump the heart to a thousand per hour. There are hands moving methodically to succeed, but its ingenious design gives you a fun constant.


mejores juegos para Oculus Rift

Designed originally in a pack along with the drivers, Oculus Touch, Theft Recall is a shooting game frantic designed to make you look as you fly the robots in pieces. You play as the agent 34 of the enterprise on manufacture of robots RoboReady.

Your job is to remove the defective units from the production line, but a virus has turned to the robots against their creators, and now you have to delete them. You can capture enemies and throw them at other robots, with just a swipe of your hand, and you can even catch bullets in the air and rotate them to convert to the robots infected in nothing more than a pile of parts. Theft Recall shows the brilliance of the drivers, Oculus Touch. Best of all, it’s free.

*Updated by Maria Teresa Lopes on June 24, 2019.

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