The best external hard drives that you can buy in 2020

Backing up your files will never be a luxury, regardless of whether it is personal information, work, or your favorite games. There are a variety of ways to generate a backup, from USB sticks and hard drives, until you get to the cloud or CD. The cost of any means that you choose to use for your backups has no comparison with what it would mean to lose that information forever. Thinking of you, we’ve made a guide with the best external hard drives that you can buy. We are sure that one of them is for you.

After reviewing dozens of the best external models on the market, we recommend the Samsung T5 as a versatile model durable for many purposes. However, if it is not to your liking, we have some other options that are perfect for making a backup of your files, whatever your circumstances.

The best external hard drives

Best external drive in general

Samsung T5

Mano sosteniendo disco duro externo Samsung T5, uno de los mejores discos duros externos que puedes comprar en 2020

Inspired by its predecessor, the Samsung T5 is a unit of storage compact, affordable, and high-speed that looks and feels like a portable storage solution of the first level.

Using the latest generation of the technology, 3D V-NAND of Samsung, available in a variety of storage sizes at different prices with options of up to 2 TB of storage space in a small design.

In our review of the Samsung T5, the solid-state drive dominated the competition (and its prequel T3) in the reading and writing tests, maintaining its image. Packed in a solid housing of aluminium, Samsung claims that this external drive can withstand a drop of up to six feet without difficulty. Although you’ll hardly suggest that you put them to the test such claims.

Thanks to its speed, compact size and additional features such as the encryption software is compatible, there is no other unit that we can recommend as much as the Samsung T5.

You can get to be expensive, especially when it comes to the higher end of the spectrum of storage space (the configuration of 2 TB will cost several hundred dollars), but it is much cheaper that a couple of years ago and if you can afford it, this is the external hard disk for you.

External drive lighter

SanDisk Extreme Pro 500 GB

SanDisk Extreme Pro 500GB en una mochila junto a accesorios fotográficos y una laptop, uno de los mejores discos duros externos que puedes comprar en 2020

The Extreme Pro 500 GB from SanDisk is a disk NVMe highly portable, it offers read speeds of up to 1,050 MBps, at the same time that is light enough to save it and carry it with you wherever you go. The design resists water and dust, while the coating of silicone rubber and the notch facilitate the storage of the Extreme Pro as you want.

We also appreciate very much that this unit is compatible with the connections for the USB-A and USB-C, so you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of the device, or to update your devices in the future and switch to a USB connection-C. although the option of 500 GB is the most economical option for those who travel, the unit is available up to 2 TB, if you prefer.

Best external drive for heavy use

Adata SE800

Disco duro externo Adata SE800 sobre escritorio, uno de los mejores discos duros externos que puedes comprar en 2020

Are you looking for a SSD drive extra durable with speeds super-fast? Look No further, here is the latest SSD external Adata, the SE800. Account with read and write speeds of up to 1,000 MBps, whether you’re using the model of 512 GB or 1 TB. It connects through a USB port-C supports USB 3.2 Gen2 (10 Gbps), although it is compatible with USB 2.0.

This unit is equipped with a durable housing complemented with a surface brushed with a vista black or blue. The company claims that this unit complies with the standard of impact resistance MIL-STD-810G 516.6, resists completely the dust and can stay submerged in six feet of water for an hour, but only with the cover of the USB port is firmly closed.

Best external drive economic

Western Digital My Passport Ultra

Western Digital My Passport Ultra, uno de los mejores discos duros externos que puedes comprar en 2020

The My Passport Ultra from Western Digital is not the most lightweight on the market, but it comes with a three year warranty and the reputation of speed of the company. Best of all is that the unit requires no external power and features an elegant construction and style, so that would probably be the first option for many with a limited budget.

At this price, you can’t expect fast speeds of reading and writing, but includes WD Backup, a free tool for password protection and encryption capabilities of hardware 256-AES. It is available in capacities of 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB finished in blue or silver. Unlike other units on this list, it connects via USB-C.

Best professional storage

Western Digital My Book Duo

Western Digital My Book Duo, uno de los mejores discos duros externos que puedes comprar en 2020

If you need an external disk and more robust in the long term, the WD MyBook Duo is an excellent option. This cabinet comes with up to 20 TB of storage for $800, or 4 TB of storage for $259 dollars and other middle settings.

You can configure the two drives inside of this enclosure as a RAID, for redundancy of files or to take advantage of every byte of storage. Any way you get plenty of storage space and a two-year warranty of a reliable trademark.

To be compatible with USB 3.1 for the transfer of data at high speed, the cabinet of the MyBook Duo can also be repaired by the user, which means that you can replace the damaged units yourself. Account with full support for hardware encryption 256-bit AES to ensure nobody can read your data.

Best external drive wireless

Western Digital My Passport Wireless SSD

Disco duro externo Western Digital My Passport Wireless SSD sobre una roca, uno de los mejores discos duros externos que puedes comprar en 2020

For busy individuals, especially those that are in the open air, to physically connect an external drive to a computer can be a hassle. The wireless version of Western Digital My Passport in SSD alleviates this problem by providing a point of access wifi 5 built-in so you can connect directly to the device without using a cable.

It has a duration of 10 hours of transmission of 720p, but can handle up to 4K video if it is necessary.

The unit includes a one-touch button that transfers files from the SD card reader built-in (reading of up to 65 MBps), or from any drive connected to your USB port-built-IN.

If needed, you can use the same port to connect this unit to a computer for in-class read speeds faster than up to 390 MBps. It even has a power bank built-6,700 mAh for charging devices.

As you can imagine, it is an excellent choice for photographers on the move.

Best external hard drive gaming

Crucial X8 1 TB

Crucial X8 junto a un control remoto de una consola, , uno de los mejores discos duros externos que puedes comprar en 2020

Modern games take up more space than ever before. If you find that the on-board storage is not enough anymore to keep up with the pace of your downloaded titles, we suggest that you look at this disk Crucial 1 TB.

Offers read speeds up to 1,050 MBps, compatibility with the PlayStation and Xbox, and a body of aluminium-resistant drop test of up to 7.5 feet, nor do we recommend that you take this test.

It is compatible with the connections for the USB-A and USB-C, so you can use it in a variety of situations. It is the ideal way to manage your collection of games in expansion, and it will look great next to your console!

*Updated by José Luis Plascencia July 31, 2020.

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