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The best crock-pots to facilitate your day-to-day

If you want to prepare delicious meals for your family without investing half a day in the kitchen, you’ll want to incorporate a slow cooker to your collection of appliances. These versatile devices allow you to put some ingredients in the morning and get home in the evening to find a meal list for the enjoyment of your palate. The process is slow and time consuming, but your operation allows you to throw it to ride and forget about it while you go do other things and the food is prepared alone. The best crock-pots are designed to cook safely while you are away from home or you decide to rest or sleep a little. Whether you are searching for which is programmable, perfect for a buffet, or maybe something less expensive, we’ve found the best options for you.


Ollas de cocción lenta

This slow cooker cover basically everything you need in an appliance for the kitchen. It is programmable, so that you can enter a cooking time and leave it to work for your account, or you can operate it manually by choosing a high temperature, low or medium, without the need to schedule a time. The cooker also includes a temperature probe to determine when the food is ready. When it has finished, the cooker will automatically switch to the keep warm function, keeping the food at its point until it is time to eat. Are there many power outages where you live? This model will continue to run even if you run briefly without energy, so you will come home and the food will continue to list for you to enjoy (even if you have to dine in the dark). In addition, it is so affordable that everyone, from students to professionals, can begin to cook slow tomorrow.


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If you are looking for a slow cooker that can go straight from cooking to serving, take a look at this KitchenAid. Comes with a glass lid that can be opened from any side, making it perfect for serving and keeping food warm at the same time. Do you cook for a large family event or special? In this appliance oval 5.5-liter fits up to a whole turkey. While many crock-pots only come with options of high or low temperature, it has high, medium and low, in addition to the function for keeping warm. This pot is programmable, so that from 24 hours before you can prepare everything for you then your food by itself. When finished, it will immediately switch to the keep warm function and will last well up to four hours. Do you want to monitor your food while cooking? The digital display shows the temperature and the time that lack to be ready.


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If you’re in search of a slow cooker higher range, it is worth considering this appliance is programmable, All-Clad. Its design oval has a capacity of 6 liters and its size is enough to feed a large group of guests. If you want a smaller version you can purchase the model of 3.75 litres. The pot can be programmed with up to 26 hours in advance, so that you can go about your activities knowing that when you get home you will wait for a delicious meal ready to be enjoyed. Its stainless steel exterior makes it an investment that is lasting, and aesthetically pleasing. The interior of the black ceramic has handles to make it easy to take out, and the glass lid helps keep heat trapped inside for more moisture and flavor. The digital display is easy to read and it is easy to choose programs for cooking thanks to its intuitive controls. Both the inside and the lid can be washed easily in a dishwasher.


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One of the best things about the crock-pots is that they are perfect for preparing delicious foods in large quantities for events, meetings, parties, and more. This Crock-Pot was designed with additional functions specifically for this type of situations. The unit has two pots of a liter with the perfect size for sauces, side dishes, and more. You can cook with temperature low, medium or high and then use the keep warm function so that the cheese from your nachos, or the gravy for your turkey to retain the correct temperature during the entire event, because no one likes the cheese hardened or the gravy cold. Do you have to cater to a group of particularly large? Choose one of the other models with space for 2-liter or 3.3-liter. You can connect the units easily to organize an assembly which will save space. Up to six units can use a single jack. In terms of storage, the units are designed to fit easily upon one another, and the cables are stored under the base.


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Sometimes a single slow cooker is not sufficient for the job, as might be needed to transfer the food to the stove to get the golden perfect. With this Crock-Pot, you can put your inner coated ceramic directly on the stove. You can also program the cooker to cook the time needed between 30 minutes and 20 hours. The digital timer counts the remaining time so that you are aware of how much time is left for eating. When the time comes, takes the inside directly to your table so all your guests can serve themselves. Do you have a party or a special dinner? With its 5.5 litres of space you can prepare enough food for at least six people. The interior and glass lid may be washed in a dishwasher. Prepare the food in a single pot had never been so easy.


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Although this Instant Pot does a great job when cooking slowly, it is capable of much more. In fact, this appliance for the kitchen will serve as a rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker and warmer food. Your easy to use control panel explains very well what program you’re choosing, and you can postpone the preparation up to 24 hours, so it’s perfect for programming from a night before your big dinner. 10 safety mechanisms make this pot a secure element in your kitchen, and inserts of stainless steel will stand the test of time, even if you put it in the dishwasher after every meal. The Instant Pot Duo comes in three sizes: there is an Instant Pot Duo Mini of 3 liters, a Instant Pot Duo60 of 5.5 litres and an Instant Pot Duo80 exceptionally large, 7.5-liter.

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